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How ElkY won the WPT Festa al Lago

Sunday night, we mentioned here that ElkY had managed to win the World Poker Tour Festa al Lago. As it happened, ElkY won his first WPT event in the same year he won his first EPT event (the PCA in January of this year). Of course, we had to ask how he did it. This was his response.

by Betrand "ElkY" Grospellier

I decided to arrive in Vegas about two weeks before the start of this event so I could really be in perfect shape and condition to play it. Considering it was a six-day event, the amazing structure would make way for a lot of poker to be played. I wanted to be ready to exploit any weakness from my opponents.

My plan worked well and i managed to hang around the top of the field for the first 4 days, before taking the chip lead in Day 5 and going to the final table as a huge chip leader.

During this week I played a hand that im very proud of, probably the best hand i ever played in my life. The action had folded to Joe Ebanks. He raised to 26,000 from the button. Oddie Dardon and I called from the blinds. The flop came out J-7-5. Dardon and I checked to Ebanks, who bet 44,000. Dardon folded, but I called. A queen came on the turn and I checked again. This time, Ebanks bet 90,000.

This time, I raised to 225,000 and Dardon called. The river was a deuce. I checked and Ebanks moved all-in for 300,000. I thought for just a moment before calling with my 7-6, good against K-T. That hand moved me into the chip lead.

All in all, I'm very satisified with the way the tournament went, because I was never all-in. Also I took very few coin flips, and when I took them i had a dominating chip lead against my opponents.

This victory means so much to me. I defeated 1136 players inthe Carribean for the EPT PCA earlier in the year. They were mostly players coming from the internet world, like me. This time the field was probably the toughest I had to play. Proportionally, there were many tough seasoned live players, and being able to come on top of it once again is really an achievement I'm proud of.

It was twice as important also for me to conclude this event by a victory because during all the WCOOP I felt I played great and went very deep but every time i was down to 2 or 3 tables in a 1000 or 2000+ entrants tournament, Lady Luck was playing tricks with me and I finished a bit disappointed everytime. Coming with the chip lead at the WPT when 12 players were left, i did everything I could so that wouldnt happen.

And of course, Las Vegas really is all you hear about for poker players. Winning a tournament here was definitely one of my goals, and now that its done, I'm in a good spot for the Player of the Year race.

I feel my tournament game has never been so tuned, and my confidence level never so high, so I'm ready to finish the year as well as I started it!

See you all on PokerStars or on the tournament circuit very soon.

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