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WCOOP: ElkY reflects on banner performance

Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier had a fantastic WCOOP, cashing seven times and nearly winning a bracelet. He agreed to give us a few of this thoughts now that WCOOP is behind him.

by ElkY

Since I began playing poker online, WCOOP has become the most awaited series of the year, because it merges the great structure and big prize pool from the live tournaments, and the fast-paced action typical of the online world.

For someone like me, it's always disappointing not to win. Looking back at it, with the exception of the Triple Shootout final table where I didn't play my best due to staying awake longer than 40 hours, I don't regret any of the plays I made, especially not deep in the events.

The more I played poker lately, and the more heads-up is becoming my favorite game. It's a combination of really fast action, the fact that you can play all those hands that are trash in ring games, and that you get yourself and your opponents in marginal situations all the time. More importantly, one of my favorite aspect of the game, adaptability, is even more important in heads-up.

So when I heard about that new WCOOP event, the 25k$ heads-up, I was eager to compete. The structure was really wonderful and it brings so much depth to the game itself.

I had the toughest game of my tournament against IluvAntonius, a really strong player, but good cards at the key times brought me my 2nd win of the event. I actually felt he was outplaying me and had the edge early on, but winning key flips put me back on track and let me win the game.

Most of the games I played I started at a chip disadvantage early on, but the structure really let room for lots of play, and it allowed me to come back many times. I was fortunate enough to have a big rush of cards against Gavin Griffin in semi-finals, and while playing them very aggressively, it helped me secure a win.

As for the final heads up, after a slow start, my opponent really went on a big rush of cards and I believed I was able to lose very little against those, and even to get the chip lead back, but I believe I made a crucial
mistake when I made a call way too loose against his full house, that gave him the lead back, and I never really got the cards to get up from it.

Congratulations to all this years winners, as it takes not only skill but a lot of dedication and stamina to beat the toughest and biggest online fields ever.

I'm thrilled that the WCOOP this year was such a tremendous success, and I'm now definitely looking forward to the next edition to do even better. I have one year to improve, and even if the offline circuit keeps me busy, I'll try my best to keep playing the big PokerStars tournaments, because that's really where you learn the most.

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