The Isle of Man through my eyes

Editor's note: PokerStars' Fatima Moreira de Melo was a little busy to write anything for us while she was in the Isle of Man recently (the reason will become apparent very soon), but she was nice enough to send us some photos of her time on the island.


The Sefton hotel on the Isle of Man, right on the boulevard of Douglas. I stayed there during the first UKIPT that was being held on the island in the Irish Sea.


Went shopping for halloween stuff and almost bought this for my dear friend Lex Veldhuis alias Raszi alias Vleermuis (Bat in Dutch). I still think he would look great in it.


My style at a Halloween party...#Pinocchio


Played some foosball as a doubles partner of the multitalented Liv
Boeree..and we ended up winning despite my effort


Overall, the tourney went really well. I ended up second in chips on Day 2. I started the day with 31k. After winning AK vs JJ and 77 I had 270k and ran it up to 570k by the end of the day. Day 3 was full of ups and downs. I got it up to almost 1million, but ended up as the shortest stack going through to the final table.


This was the venue we'd been playing in, a beautiful little theatre with nice seats for people to chill in while railing. I was really excited to play the final table, especially with all the support from the PokerStars staff that we had met throughout the week, by visiting the office, playing in the charity tournament and chilling with them in Noa Bake House (a lovely place for lunch). Huge cheers when I doubled kinda made me emotional (I MUST've been reeeaaally tired) and it felt like playing for a home crowd. Starting as the shortest stack on the final table, I had my mind set on surviving and hoping to make it to 4th or so. Things went better than expected, and I ended up heads-up against the big chip leader. Unfortunately I didn't manage to catch up with him and finally lost with my 55 against his A10 preflop all-in (he flopped broadway). Even though I didn't manage to win the tourney, I'm still really proud to have made it to 2nd...or first loser, as people like to call me. So next year Isle of Man? For sure!