Rolling up a stake, going to Vegas

Moving house is always a tremendous amount of work, but this time, it's worth it. My girlfriend and I have been settling into our new apartment in Salzburg, Austria. It's a beautiful city and I love our neighborhood. It's lovely to walk around and full of restaurants we enjoy. Also, it's only an hour and a half by train to Munich, where I grew up and where my girlfriend's family lives. Our apartment is perfect, but it's been a lot of work. My girlfriend and I are doing the decorating together and let's just say it's a change of pace for me. When I'm by myself, I don't need much. If my computer is set up and my four monitors are working, I'm good to go. So I've been treating the decorating more like a part-time job while my girlfriend is working full-time to turn this apartment into a beautiful home for us.

Our new kitchen has taken a long time to come together, but now it's finally in working condition. I like to cook, and of course I have my homebrew operation. Right now, it's been relegated to the cellar, but once everything is finished it will move upstairs and I'll get to work on a new batch of beer. However, I have a pretty busy schedule between now and the summer. I plan on playing at least three EPTs--Berlin, London and Monte Carlo. And when I'm not playing EPTs, I'll be grinding online. Once again, it's time for me to run up a bankroll and invest everything into the World Series of Poker!


I am so determined to win a WSOP bracelet, especially because I came so close last year. Last year was actually the first time I managed not to run through my entire bankroll while I was in Las Vegas. So, despite the disappointment of coming so close to a win (twice!), at least I didn't go home broke like I usually do. It's really important for me to close out a win at the World Series. While I earn a living from poker, I don't just play to win money. I love the competition. I love gathering points and climbing leader boards. I love winning trophies, and the WSOP bracelet is the ultimate trophy in poker.

My plan is to play as many mixed game events as I can. If I happen to bust out early of one of those, I'd consider jumping into a no-limit hold'em event. But that's more of an exit strategy than anything. My main objective is to win a bracelet in a stud event or in deuce-to-seven. They're not only my favorite games, but the ones where I feel I have the greatest edge.

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