What happens in Barcelona...

Every year I take a trip to Portugal to visit my family. We moved there when I was four, and my parents still own a little house outside Lisbon. The house has a vineyard and this time, we made some wine. We used to have maybe 10,000 liters of wine, but now only a very small portion is left. However, we still have some grapes growing called Malvasia Fina. It's a white grape and it makes a soft, sweet white wine. My dad, girlfriend and I did everything ourselves. First, we stomped the grapes to release the liquid and put them inside a steel tank. The grapes sit in there for two or three days before you remove the remaining solid parts so only the liquid is left. After that, it stays in the tank for as long as it takes to taste good. It must be closely monitored and you have to add some sulfur so bacteria don't do stupid things like try to change it to vinegar. You taste it from time to time and see how it's developing. My dad keeps me updated on its progress each month and when it's ready, we'll bottle it. Hopefully we made something drinkable. You never know with wine because if you don't know exactly what you're doing, it's easy to err in the fermentation process.

After my trip to Portugal, I went to Barcelona for ten days to film a new advertising campaign for PokerStars. Honestly, I haven't had that much fun on a shoot in a long time. The best part was getting to connect with the other Team Pros. We all had dinner together every night and I ended up spending a lot of time with David Williams and Jason Mercier. The MLB World Series was going on, so we watched a lot of those games as well as some of the first NBA games of the season. Another highlight was going to the Real Madrid vs. Barcelona game. It just so happened that the biggest football match in Spain was taking place while we were there! There was also the matter of Liv Boeree pouring a lot of vodka all over my shirt ... but maybe some things that happen in Barcelona should stay in Barcelona.


Dinner in Barcelona

Now I'm back home in Salzburg and I'm trying to reach another goal--playing another 100,000 hands before the end of the year. I have to get that time in online now because before I know it, I'll be on a plane to the Bahamas for PCA. I'm really excited for PCA this year. I'm going to bring my girlfriend along this time because I won a package for finishing first on the high leaderboard in the SCOOP. However, before we go to Atlantis, we're going to take a week on a smaller island and just relax. After 100,000 hands I'm going to need a vacation!

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