Baby steps

Arianna is here! As I write she is three weeks old today.

I can't believe she's three weeks old already, since it seemed like Alex and I were waiting so long and then she was about a week overdue. We were just waiting and waiting and it felt like the day would never come. But she's here and time now suddenly seems to be going by very quickly.

The day was awesome. It was quite an emotional experience. I was the first one to hold her -- we did a C-section and so had skin-to-skin contact right away -- and she was just laying on my chest and it was beautiful.


Of course at first we were still at the hospital, and there you have the nurses and everyone to help. If you have any kind of slight problem or worry, you can just ring a bell and they'll come straight in. But eventually we went home and with just me, Alex, and the baby, we were feeling a little pressure being properly in charge and a little nervous about how it would go.

But that first night couldn't have been more perfect. Arianna slept straight through the night, besides feeding just a little bit here and there. We were like "Oh my God, this is a breeze!"

Then came the second night. She was frantically crying the whole night and we were feeling a little frantic, too, thinking "How are we going to do this?" It was a little like in poker when you win at first and get that false confidence, thinking the game is easy. Then you soon realize it's a lot more complicated and doesn't always go as simply.

But to be honest these first three weeks have gone very well. It's crazy to think she's so dependent on us -- to feed her, to keep her warm, everything -- but we're getting used to it. We're all kind of learning to adapt to each other, I guess, little by little -- we're learning what she needs, and she's learning to settle in with us, too.


She's sleeps a lot -- like 16 hours a day -- and we're figuring out how to manage it so she's awake during the day some and will sleep at night. We haven't solved it by any means, but we're way more experienced than we were at the start.

She's grown so much already. She already seems way more alert. At the start, she couldn't really move so much, but now she's lifting her head up more and is obviously getting stronger.

After she was born, I did get to play a little. There was the big WPT tournament at the Seminole Hard Rock which is only about 20 minutes from us here in Florida, and so while I didn't really want to leave it was so close and such a big tourney I didn't want to miss it. I actually did well in it and had a chance to have a deep run, but I ended up just min-cashing after losing two or three all-ins just before the bubble burst.

It was good to play that tournament and kind of ease back into poker again -- baby steps, you could say. I'd gone a long while -- not since UKIPT Dublin -- so it was about six weeks or so since I'd played, online or live.

That's probably the longest period I've gone without playing since I started in poker. But I felt in the zone, kind of on fire, really, throughout the whole tournament -- like I couldn't lose. I was actually kind of shocked to get knocked out, I was so focused and playing my A-game. I think maybe it was an effect of just getting out of the house for the first time in a long while, but I was really enjoying it and feeling very confident.

I'm now on a trip and away from her for two-and-a-half weeks. I played the France Poker Series and EPT Grand Final. Next I'll stay in England to play UKIPT Nottingham and SCOOP. I'm excited to be playing again, but quite sad, too, to be leaving them for that long. After that I'll be back and as I've mentioned before this summer me, Alex, and the baby will all be going to Las Vegas for the WSOP. We'll be bringing a nanny over, too, to help keep things in line a bit.

Right now, though, it's family time...

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