The wait for baby Cody

Forgive me if I sound a little distracted. I'm writing this post just a little over two weeks away from the due date of my first child. My girlfriend Alex is due to give birth to our baby girl, Arianna, on March 23rd, and the day can't come soon enough!

Recent days have been busy, as you might imagine, filled with going to loads of baby classes and making various purchases, including strollers, a crib, and of course plenty of nappies.

Alex has been getting a bit frustrated, having to wait. She's a bit uncomfortable and hasn't been able to sleep that well, which is understandable. She's been pregnant for so long now, she's more than ready. In fact she's asking the doctor if we can have it induced, but he's saying no, let's let it happen naturally, so we're continuing to be patient.


She has apparently grown a lot since this...

Meanwhile I'd say I am about 89% excited, and the rest a little bit scared. It's all starting to seem a lot more real now that we're getting so close. In the baby classes we've been shown a lot of videos which are quite graphic and I think scarred me a little bit. I'm starting to think I'm not really going to go down there too much on the big day, but I'll try to help Alex as much as I can.

The classes have been helpful, though. We had a baby CPR class, so I know how to do that now. I've learned about baby massage, which I didn't even now was a real thing, but apparently is. We spent three hours one yesterday, though, that really didn't help me too much -- it was a breast-feeding class. I can't really do too much in that regard, although I have added to my knowledge considerably in that area.

We have another class in a couple of days and have been reading lots of books, too. I think we might be overprepared -- we've been doing everything, basically, such as learning what to do during the first week and so on. We're just about as ready as we can be now.

Meanwhile I have played in a few cash games here in Florida, keeping myself occupied in between the classes. That's been a nice change of pace -- very different from tournaments or playing online, and Florida has a thriving poker scene right now so there's no lack of games to play. In fact there's a big tourney series coming at the start of April, which I may or may not play depending on how the baby's doing. She'll be about two weeks old then, and I might not want to leave just yet.

It's really going to be a big change, not just starting our family, but also leaving Leeds which is part of our plan going forward as well. We'll be in the U.S. in the near term, and I'll be going back to Europe for the last events of the EPT season later this spring. Then SCOOP will be coming around in May, for which we might go to Mexico (as I did last year), but I'm still deciding. After that the family will be in Las Vegas for the World Series, and then we're planning to move to London.

In fact when I was leaving Leeds for the last time not long ago we were inspired a little by the games in Sochi and decided to mark the occasion with the "Leeds Olympics." There were 12 of us and we divided into three teams, first seeding everyone and dividing up the teams to make them fair. Then we competed in different events around Leeds -- table tennis, bowling, shuffleboard, pool, and darts, and beer pong.

Even though my team didn't actually win, it was a ton of fun. We didn't have a medal ceremony -- we were going to buy a trophy, but never quite got around to it. Maybe we should have done that before the beer pong event. It was a really fun time -- a great send-off.

So it has been a busy few weeks, but we're bracing for an even busier few weeks going forward. The anticipation keeps building, and every day feels longer and longer. But soon the day will be here, and I imagine time is going to start flying after that.

And then I imagine I'll really be distracted.

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