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Live on the air

The last couple of months looked like they were going to be completely normal, but they have turned out to be anything but. I've been presented with a number of challenges.

First off, I'm now writing for the PokerStars Blog and hope to be doing so on a monthly basis. It's something that excites me, but it's also a daunting exercise. I'm not a traditional Team PokerStars Pro who spends every waking moment playing live or grinding online. If any of my articles are going to be any good, I'm going to have to be creative.

Writing this, however, is still much easier than what happened in Sanremo. For the first time, I did live commentary for EPT Live. I was super excited, despite mixed feelings of joy and fear.


The joy was to be expected. I think most of TV shows are made essentially for common viewers, with lots of cool hands and great dynamics. On this show, we had content directed to the people who like to analyze the players, the betting patterns, and everything that a final table involves for hours and hours.

Still, there was some fear because being live on the air for 7-10 hours during a final table requires a huge preparation in terms of content and also a lot of vamping to fill the dead periods. I feel like I did a good job with lots of help from my fellow Team Pro Henrique Pinho and Vanda Silva.

Last but not the least, the biggest challenge of all: I've received an invitation to record a new TV show based on analysis of hands played in great international tournaments. It looks like I will once again be working with Henrique as my co-pilot.

But, here's the real challenge. For the first time, we're actually going to appear on camera. If I'd know this earlier, I could've hit the gym to lose a little weight!

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