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Staying fresh after Black Friday

Before Black Friday, I used to play online poker all the time. Some weeks I'd play for 80 hours. I'd just wake up and play poker and that's really all I did. Then once Black Friday happened, I haven't played online since. It's a whole different life I've been living since Black Friday.

Poker's one of those things that you can never know the lifespan of. Poker may always be around--don't get me wrong--but you don't know if you're always going to be winning, if you're always going to be successful. Black Friday forced me to think about that in a big way.

I run a business now. My name's on the door at Cada's Poker & Sports Grill in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We opened about a year ago. I think Black Friday was part of the decision that went into opening the bar, especially since I didn't know how long online poker would be gone.


Poker is something I've always loved to do. But after a while, and after all the publicity of the WSOP Main Event, I got burned out on poker a little bit. I wanted to continue playing but I needed a break. I figured it was a good time after Black Friday to take some time off and get into something else. I mean, I wasn't quitting poker. For sure. But it was more that I could play every month or every other month or play just for the World Series and the big tournaments. Then during the breaks I could spend my time elsewhere.

I've always wanted to open a bar. I used to work at a bar and it's something I know pretty well. I also wanted a bar that had a charity poker license. You can't obtain those anymore in Michigan. They put a moratorium on them. I basically found a really nice place that was in a good location that had a charity poker license already. We bought it and renamed it Cada's.

The thing about it is I want to be able to play there, to sit down and play with everyone. But the state has a rule where if you're the owner you can't play in the games, and if you play in the games you can't work there. So my dad is the owner of the bar for all of the paperwork with the state, and I go in there and talk to everyone and hang out and play poker.

I feel like part of poker is being around people. And I like to get to know people, play poker and talk. We get people that come in every night. Poker players that come in every night, people that play all the time there that I got to know pretty well and become friends with.
Things like that are what renew my passion for the game.

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