Frozen to my mouse

I'm writing from freezing Norway, where the winter is super cold as usual. Not a lot to do, really, except stay indoors. For me that is working out okay, because I'm playing a lot of online poker this winter, and I'm enjoying it, too.

I often prefer live poker to online, so it's kind of refreshing to be enjoying playing online these days. In fact, this winter really marks the first stretch in a long while where I've been playing a lot online. I've been getting up in the mornings and thinking "Wow, I need to play online... this is fun!" Which like I say is a little bit different for me, because normally I'm much more excited to play live than online.

I've been playing a little higher of Pot-Limit Omaha -- and feeling like I have a decent edge. I've been winning, too, which never hurts. Also, just the fact that I haven't been playing a lot online lately I think has given me a better feeling about going back to it and enjoying it and not being bored but actually excited to play.

I usually consider myself more of a live player. I probably play about 80% live and 20% online, because I often enjoy myself a whole lot more when playing live. I often know lots of the players and I socialize a lot, and a lot of times it feels like a fun home game whenever I play live.


On the other hand, when I play online, it always seems much more serious and competitive. It's like "I want to crush you guys!"

What's funny is, in some cases I'm playing against the same players online against whom I play live. I'm talking about good guys, are good players and with whom in some cases I'm friends. I like the social aspect of the game.

I have never in my life played with any sort of software or used programs to help me see my opponents' stats that so many online players use. I understand that's part of the game, but I really don't like it very much, and it kind of turns me off when it comes to online poker. It always seems odd to me when my friends say "I don't recognize this guy's screen name, but I recognize his stats." I'm like, what? And they say, "Yeah, he's like 18/14" and I'm like, whatever. It's just my opinion, I know, but to me that isn't really what poker is or what makes poker fun to play.

So I'll keep playing online for a while longer this winter, but I'm really looking forward to going back out and playing some live events again.

Because nothing beats seeing people's faces when you raise them!

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