Is it real or not?

I'm writing from Spain this time where I'm vacationing after having been in Las Vegas for the WSOP. I'll be here a little longer, will go back home to Norway for a while, then will return to Spain for EPT Barcelona soon.

As far as tournaments go, the World Series wasn't much to speak of for me this time. But I did have kind of an interesting side project going on while I was there, the production of this new Norwegian television comedy that also involved some poker that was a lot of fun.

We rented a big mansion and flew over a bunch of Norwegian celebrities to make the show, and they also played in the WSOP Main Event. There were actors, comedians, and other well-known people who were involved. Some might know Torstein Horgmo, the Norwegian snowboarder who has won three gold medals in the X-Games, who was part of the project, too. Here's a description that tells a little more about the show.


Scenes were shot over the course of about 10 days and the series will ultimately have seven episodes altogether. The main character of the show was actually the show's writer, a really nice and talented guy. He previously had only been behind the camera for shows he's made before, but for this one he stars as a guy who has won a trip through a local newspaper in Norway to go play in the WSOP.

He doesn't know what he got himself involved in, and ends up in this mansion full of all of the celebrities. He is very annoying to the others and they all try to avoid him while he's all along thinking he's one of gang. It's pretty funny. He turns out to be this creepy guy following every else around and nobody likes him, but he has a different idea about himself.

For one of the shows we all went to a UFC fight and then ditched him outside. Then he goes to buy a ticket to the fight and ends up getting the wrong one and goes to see Boys II Men and the Backstreet Boys!

It was a very cool experience. The show is kind of set up like a reality show and part of the point will be for viewers to be wondering all along if it's real or not. Actually everyone really did play in the Main Event except for the main character/writer who didn't have time. But he came up with a funny scenario where he tries to play and puts chips in his pocket and gets disqualified and thrown out by security guards.

In the cast were a couple of people who qualified on PokerStars to participate in the show and play in the Main Event, and in fact one of them -- Åge Spets -- went pretty deep, finishing 75th. But none of the rest of us got very far.

Now I'm looking forward to coming back to Spain and the EPT, especially after having finished third in the last EPT event in Monte Carlo back in May. So no more television shows in the near future, but hopefully some more final tables!

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