I bet my life

teampro-thumb.JPGI'm very excited to announce that this Sunday 4th November I have a TV show airing on the Travel Channel across the USA at 11pm. It's called "I Bet My Life", a show about my boyfriend and fellow tournament player Kevin MacPhee and I travelling to and playing in the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. The premise is a unique mixture between a travel documentary and a reality show, interspersing essential travel tips for the country into our daily lives on the road, with some rather extravagant and hugely fun activities thrown into the mix. We even got to ride in a helicopter and drive a Porsche around the Grand Prix circuit, boom!



Filming was challenging to say the least - not only were we playing the tournament but before and after each day we had to film numerous scenes, do interviews and multiple re-takes which left us very little room to do anything else. That said, it gave us a taster for reality TV and even tested our, ahem, acting skills... Pretty crazy to see how much footage is required to be condensed into a 30 minute episode.


As I'm sure you'll agree, mainstream TV shows about poker and its lifestyle is exactly what our beautiful game needs to spark interest and promote it to the masses. I really hope that I Bet My Life will help to do that, so if you're in the USA this Sunday night, please tune in!

Images courtesy Stornoway Productions/Andre Doucet

Liv Boeree
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