Skipping the WSOP for my own wine country

The first half of 2014 is about to end, it was a time full of news both about poker and my life.

The main event on the Italian poker scene is definitely the first edition of "La Casa degli Assi", a TV talent show about poker, based on the French show "La Maison du Bluff" that just finished on June 1st. I personally took part in the casting phase to choose the competitors who were to participate in this tv project, and I must admit it was a very fun and interesting experience.


With the contribution of an expert in body language, an expert in human resources selection for companies and especially with the assistance of Luca Pagano, we met many candidates before making a selection based on their behavioral attitudes and their way of thinking, trying to identify the most suitable to undertake this adventure. The choice was not easy, but in the end I think we did a good job, making a well-assorted group of people, all of them desirous to learn more and improve their game.

They spent 5 weeks in a beautiful villa in Morocco with Luca Pagano and Alberto Russo, the official Italian voice of EPT and IPT. This first edition of "La Casa Degli Assi" was won by 24 Daniele Palini: the young participant from Brescia won the jackpot of €50.000.

I am confident that this program may have been an inspiration to many young people who want to explore the world of poker, and I hope it have conveyed the message that it takes a lot of study and work to improve their own skills and mental attitudes.

The other big event in Italy in this first part of 201, was the Sanremo EPT with the historic victory of Vicky Coren, to whom I offer my warmest congratulations for becoming the first player to win and EPT Main Evet two times.

At this time you usually leave to the WSOP and make programs about which events playing in Las Vegas. But as I said, it's time for big changes even in my personal life and, because of these novelties, this year I will not be at the WSOP.

With my partner, I decided to go and live out of town, in the countryside. So we bought a mansion with a vineyard in Tuscany, near Florence; our project is to become winemakers and live in an environmentally friendly manner. We will spend this summer renovating the house with the aim to move there at the end of the year.

So my next live tournament will be the Italian Poker Tour in Saint Vincent in late July, but in the meantime I'll be busy a lot in grinding online, with the aim of becoming a Supernova Elite.

Ultimately I hope that the second part of the year will be just as exciting and eventful as the first one was and, above all, I hope to be able to achieve all the goals that I have set.

Pier Paolo Fabretti is a member of Team PokerStars Pro