Robbers, fake soccer teams, and angry dogs

I am down in Thailand with the family reloading the batteries before EPT London in the beginning of March. It's a much needed getaway after a home robbery that included two shots in my leg. The leg is on its way to total recovery, and so are we as a family.

This trip has been with the kids in charge, starting when we had to pick hotel. My son just wanted the one with the biggest pool, and my daughter wanted the nicest beach down here. So we got the two largest pools in the area with a very nice beach just around the corner.


A beer on the beach

Life is good down here, although as a guy who likes his soccer, the six-hour time difference is not really that convenient. I do not like the fact that the champions league games are shown at 2:45 in the middle of the night. I had to skip it on that account.

The next day I suddenly had problems falling asleep, and was therefore pleased that I could kill some time with the Euro league games. So, I started zapping channels when the games should start. I got worried, but then finally I found a channel with one of the games, Dnipro vs Basel.

Now the next problem came up. Betting on the games turns in to a problem since gambling isn't allowed down here. Which means I had to find someone in Denmark that could log on my account, which is a big hassle in Denmark since the regulation of the market means you need to log in with your social security number as well.

Not that it stopped me trying. I really liked the Ukrainian team Dnipro. I mean REALLY liked them. In the end I gave up, though. The guy I had on the case was clueless, the odds dropped, and I was frustrated knowing it was just a matter of time before they scored. Which they, of course, did. Or at least the team I thought was Dnipro did.

It turned out that i had watched Lille vs Rennes from the French League--a game that had been played four days prior. Might have been slightly more frustrated if the bet would have gone through, especially since the fake Dnipro (Lille) won, and the real one only tied its game.

After that, it's been a perfect family vacation with no surprises of any kind. Until last night.

The mother of our two kids had a headache, and I went to 7/11 after pills. Now the plan was to take the shortcut on my scooter which had worked perfectly every single day so far. The shortcut meant going through a tiny forrest on a mud road for maybe 200 meters and then saving at least 3 km of drive.

What I forgot is that I've only taken that shortcut at daytime. Now at night with no streetlights, it's a problem. I was to lazy not to give it a try, but I turned around two seconds after I drove of the road and in to the darkness.

The first thing that hit me was a rattle noise from the bushes. One thing I respect after playing golf down here in Thailand is rattle noises from what might be the smallest piece of jungle. That's just something you don't wanna mess with.

So turned around and took the normal road. Now I had to slalom thru dogs sleeping on the road. Beats me why that should be more comfortable than anywhere else, but 5-6 dogs know better than me on that one. You could see that they noticed you and were ready to move if you kept pace coming towards them, but being the nice dude that I am, I slowed down and slalomed my way thru them.

The same thing was going on, on the way back until one of them suddenly went ballistic, running after me and attacking me. Now it might be a little snobbish, but felt that being bit by a stray Thai dog might come with a bonus or two in diseases. So even if a normal dog wouldn't have had me in panic mode already, this Thai dog did. Another problem was that the hotel entry was just around the corner, and when I had to get out the gate was down. If the gate was down again I could either try to take out a huge iron gate on my scooter or go face to face with this dog. I would've picked the gate had it not been open, which would have looked rather stupid considering the fact that the dog stopped as soon as I hit hotel property. Next time around I'm bringing my shin pads.

Oh...and driving to breakfast next morning I established the fact that the rattle noise most likely was the cow that was tied right next to the road.

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