Can't ya hear me talkin?

After a great trip to the Isle of Man for the UIKPT, it's now time for London and the EPT. The WCOOP was a great break, and the pain of busting out is so much smaller when you can walk in to you own bed and cry yourself to sleep compared to sleeping in a hotel room where the reception calls you at 2 am because you're crying too loud. In the beginning the kids were complaining, but they got used to it. Seriously though, it is nice that you can walk straight into your own bed and basically do your everyday things while playing at a festival. Don't get me wrong, 'cause I truly enjoy the trips even here after 10+ years, but as I said, this is a nice break.


Having said that, I'm already looking forward to the next trips. The social element is something where festivals as WCOOP can't compete with EPTs for obvious reasons, but even at the EPT I find that at the tables its unfortunately not as 'social' as the early years.

Waaaaay too many people are sitting as statues with sunglasses on for 10 hours straight and taking it too seriously. Occasionally you hear Daniel Negreanu chatting away on another table and some laughter from that table. This makes you wish you were over there, 'cause that sounds like a fun table since Daniel is not the only one talking away. He's not, but 9/10 times he was the only one talking away in the beginning, and then people realised that instead of being bored in between hands they might as well just enjoy themselves and have some fun. That's why Daniel is always sitting at the fun table, if you ever wondered.

I don't have that skill. I need at least one dude who's interested in any conversation and can't just make the rest of the table more interested in having fun through conversations across the table, just by doing all the talking myself in the beginning. But, if you give me that one guy who just talks for the reason of talking, I'm your Huckleberry. That's what I had down in Barcelona. Down there I had the honour of sitting at the same table as Noah Schwartz, and it was a blessing compared to sitting next to eight guys with sunglasses and headphones on. There's a small chance I might kill myself if I had to sit next to him for 14 days straight, but one day is a blessing. I had a blast, and before we knew it Ilkin from Azerbaijan was all over the conversation as well as a couple of the other guys. So, suddenly time flies, and no one says you can't concentrate on a tourney and talk in between hands at the same time. 'Cause if we all started sitting with our headphones and sunglasses on, we might as well just play it online, which would be just as social. Ok, it might not be the greatest idea ever to start playing Pineapple vs Ilkin while playing the tourney as Noah did, but at least they still kept conversation. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure it's harder for Noah NOT to keep conversation as it is the other way around.

One of my main tips to playing a tourney--if you ever play an EPT--is to enjoy yourself and have fun. So, if you ever get bored of looking serious behind the sunglasses with a stone face, and we ever sit at the same table, and you feel like talking, I'm your man. It can be anything. How terrible Arsenal plays, what new rules we should adopt in the EPT, why Wenger wants the two slowest players in the Premiership to be in charge of his defence and midfield, how I stay in such a great shape and still look like a 25 year old...

Like I said. Anything.

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