How to make...something...of yourself

As some of you might have read in the previous blog, I decided to break the WSOP in two. First I went over there for the first two weeks, then back for three weeks to Denmark only to fly over there for the Main Event in the end. To make it short. That's how you roll when you have kids. But it worked out a lot better than expected. The cash games were pretty much running 24/7 in the beginning, so I had my hands full and, if anything, an advantage. I woke up at 5am every morning because of the jet lag.

During such a long period you play a lot of interesting hands. The hands I remember most are the hands I played really bad. After that, it's hands that were really complicated and obviously could have been played differently. In the end...just really big hands.

Here's one of the hands I do remember from over there. The game is Pot Limit Omaha and blinds are 100-200. I'm in the SB with 5-6-6-8 and complete to 200. The BB checks his option, and we're now five ways to the flop. The flop is 4-5-8 with a club flush draw. I check and the BB, who is a less experienced player, leads out for 700. Detroit George in the very next seat calls, the last two guys fold, and I call as well. The turn is a 5d. One would think that it wouldn't be the worst card in the deck for me. So I lead out for 2.5K.

BB folds and Detroit George calls. Considering the fact I'm sitting with the 2nd nuts I'm still feeling pretty sweet. The river is a blank 2, and it's on me. Check-calling here is never gonna happen considering Georgey boy can pay me off with plenty of hands such as 67 for the straight, a smaller full house or even trips.

The question is just how much to bet. I pretty much bet the max which is around 8K. So far everything is going according to plan...which changes when George raises me another 14K.

The alarms are ringing but let's go through the hand.

On the flop we know George has something considering the fact that he called 700 with three guys behind after only having $200 invested. The range is pretty wide though. It could be everything from a straight, a set, a nut flush draw or just a little bit of everything.

When he then calls the turn, I start deleting some of those hands. Considering the fact that he's been playing fairly tight for the last five hours and is up quite a lot doing that, I don't really see him floating me on the turn with a missed flush draw as an example. Then there's straights and full houses left. He's NEVER raising with any full house smaller than mine or the straight, which leaves us with two hands left.

Either he has the 5-8 for the split pot, or he has the 8-8 for the nuts. Both hands are extremely unlikely considering the fact that Im holding a 5 and an 8, but what else is left?

Let's pretend he has the 5-8. George plays very well. I'm confident he knows I'm not paying him off 14K in that spot with a smaller full house or the straight, so the only way he's getting action from me is if I'm holding 5-8 for the split or 8-8. So not only is he losing another 14K, but he might even talk himself in to calling my min-raise. To avoid all that, I'm in the end convincing myself he's only calling in that spot with 5-8.

That leaves us with one hand: the 8-8. Still unlikely considering I'm holding one 8, but there's nothing left. So after what could have been more than five minutes, I lay down the second nuts and actually feel really good about it for around two seconds...until Georgey boy shows 4-8-7-Q for the Q-high flush draw and the 8 blocker.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a complete ass out of yourself.

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