Jungleman mucks a winner

Even when he's playing high-stakes PLO, Dan "Jungleman" Cates is a very quiet, even-keeled guy. It's hard to imagine a hand that would enrage him to the point where he was smashing his own forehead with the palm of his hand, but that's exactly what happened when we were playing together in a cash game at the EPT Vienna.

We were playing €50/€100 blinds, and I opened for €600. Jungleman made it €1,800, and the next guy four-bet to €5,400 with €6,000 behind. Jungleman called with T-J-Q-K and we were assuming the other guy had A-A-X-X. The flop came down T-rag-rag; they got all the money in and decided to run it twice. Jungleman turned over his hand, but the other guy didn't show. Jungleman missed the turn and river both times and got sligthly frustrated about the fact that he didn't hit his second pair--so much so that he didn't even notice when the other guy said, "You win one."

Jungleman mucked his hand and the dealer pushed the €23,000 pot across the table. Now imagine how frustrated he got when others at the table told him he would have won half the pot had he not mucked! This is where people should have paid money for the show. This normally reserved guy was so furious with himself, the villain who won, and pretty much everyone in the house, so he ended up literally smashing his palm into his own forehead. Not once but twice. Personally I found myself being in for a treat and couldn't help maybe needling a tad. Can't help my self in these situations.

Luckily for Jungleman, he made his money back a little while later when he moved all-in with KKxx and got called by AAxx. They ran it once and he spiked a king on the river. Now, our friend was back in a great mood, but the show was still on. The guy who got bad beaten just overtook the show with a giggling Jungleman on the side.

Another great hand I witnessed in Vienna went three-handed to an A-A-4 flop with two diamonds. A slightly drunk Fin bet out. The guy next to him was convinced the Fin didn't have anything, so he rer=aised all-in for €13,000 with a seven-high flush draw. The third guy behind called and so did the Fin, each of them turning over an ace. Both of them also had three live cards not covering each others in their hand to improve to a full house. They decided to run it twice and incredibly, the guy with the seven-high flush draw won both times! First, he had to dodge six cards twice, and then he had to hit his suit. And then he had to do it all over again! I'm lucky, and the last time I lost a flip was in 89', but I can't do that. On the other hand, maybe I can. I just haven't tried yet.


I played a lot more PLO cash at the EPT Monte Carlo, and now I'm starting to get excited about the World Series of Poker. The cash games are always best at the beginning of the Series, so I made plans to go out to Las Vegas for the first two weeks of it. Then I'll return home for the middle three weeks to see my kids before flying back for the Main Event. The last time I split up the World Series this way was in 2006 and I had the most horrible jet lag you could imagine...which makes it kind of insane that I'm doing it again. I guess I still haven't learned my lesson.

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