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More and more I find myself talking about "the good old days." I try not to, as legends such as Villy Betjent, Momme, Blomsten, Laurinen, Krølle Jens, Hans med Øret, etc. did that constantly back around 1999 when I started off. Not that there's anything wrong with them doing it, because, by the Devil's beard, those gents have seen quite a bit. But when you hear the same Betjent story for the sixth time, some of the newness wears off. I want to avoid that when I open my mouth. Another important factor is that I see myself as a spring chicken of 25 summers, but that's beside the point.


But back then, most things happened live. Planet Poker and Paradise Poker had just emerged, but the highest games were fairly small, and everything was NL in the beginning. I recall thinking when PokerStars launched that it was an idiotic idea.

"There's already two poker sites..."

As I said, much of the game was live back then. Now I can't even remember the last live cash game hand I played on Danish soil. It must have been back when EPT still visited Copenhagen. There are several reasons for this. The most important one is probably the fact that there aren't any games above €5-10, and it is a little difficult to take that seriously when you are used to playing for ten times that during EPT festivals around Europe. This makes it even more wacky that three fools thought I had a house full of cash when I haven't played a cash game in Denmark for at least three years leading up to the robbery.

That is to say...I have played cash games a bit. I play against good friends when the Champion's League is on TV. How it works is that I focus on the soccer match while they start a €25 sit 'n' go at 20.45. And we are talking about guys who, to put it mildly, have a bit of a hard time with the poker lingo. What expressions they do know, they heard from a guy who heard it from a guy who played a €135 tourney at the casino. So it is pretty amusing lying on the couch while they slug it out. We've had a very proud guy calling we got American Airways, for instance.

And then there's the deep analysis. One of the geniuses, for instance, was asked "What he put him on," since he called with a middle pair. The answer was, "I put him on something that was smaller than my pair."

Another of my favorites was the time our friend here, before he had to show his cards said, "As far as I know, this hand is unbeatable," before showing 66 on a 2699J board. It turned out it could when Simon quietly and calmly showed 69 and claimed the chips, all the while keeping a straight face, which made my month. Especially because the guy had a bag of frozen peas on his shoulder due to an accident earlier and now looked like a goldfish with a very big open mouth.

For me, it peaked the last time we had an event. The episode is about a guy we'll call Klykke, a good guy who likes to throw out one or two well-researched poker terms. Additionally, he is the reigning champion of making everyone aware if an innocent soul has made an ass of himself. He likes to outplay the others and have one or two shining moments, and really, there's no harm in that. I won't rule out that I may have poked someone once or twice for making a mistake. But this time it went wrong. At some point, Klykke had apparently heard the term "Show one, show all."

I'm lying--as usual--on the couch when a minor disagreement starts at the poker table. Suddenly, Klykke's voice cuts through the other voices. He's standing there with his arms making a semi-circle so people will listen.

And then he yells, "SHOW ONE, SHOW EVERYONE!"

I almost fell off the couch laughing. No one knew why at first but after being reminded, of course everyone knew it was called "Show one, show all" instead, and Klykke was laughing stock from not just me but every single one of us.

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