Holiday hibernation

Happy holidays, everyone. It's kind of a quiet period for me poker-wise -- I'm "hibernating," you might say. I'm playing online some and am really looking forward to the PCA in January, but right now I have a few other things on my plate.

People know I work a lot with the outreach program Guyana Watch which helps bring medical aid to children in my home country of Guyana. Well, this is the time of year when we look at how much money has been raised and then decisions have to be made regarding which children will be receiving needed surgeries.

It's tough, though, because there are always more children to help than there is money to pay for the surgeries. Usually those who are chosen are children who we know will survive and for whom additional problems won't arise. But it's still not easy.


Registering patients in Guyana

Meanwhile, these days I'm also spending a lot of time in New York looking after my retail businesses, making sure they're all filled with Christmas merchandise. I have a chain of four small "dollar stores" in the Bronx that my parents and brothers and sisters help me run, and so we're making sure we're prepared for the holidays. I lease some apartments and stores as well, and so I'm busy preparing my goodie baskets for my tenants, too. I like to have a nice little something for them at Christmas time.

I'm playing online currently, too, though. I have an apartment in Toronto and will go there on the weekends for the Sunday grind. And as I said I'm also really looking forward to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January.

The PCA is really the most anticipated tournament series of the year for me, because if I have a par series there or do well I usually have a good year. But if I have a bad series, my year usually ends up below par. So I want to have at least a break-even PCA, because if that happens things usually go well for me afterwards.

The PCA is such a nice getaway during the winter months, because I don't like the cold of winter at all. I spend a lot of time on the east coast, but if I had my choice I'd rather live full time in a tropical country. So the Bahamas will be great place for me to go to when I come out of my poker "hibernation."

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