The real Victor Ramdin

I'm not a poker player 365 days a year. I also own a chain of retail stores in the Bronx and I tend to them when I'm home in New York City. This year they did extremely well and I'm very happy. Sometimes, to acquire inventory for my stores, I attend auctions and over the holidays I heard about one out on Long Island. A small convenience store went bankrupt and I drove out there to bid on some items. I arrived early and walked around, shaking hands, greeting people I hadn't seen in a while. Almost everyone there knew my name.

After the auction started, a guy came in late. He kept looking over at me, and eventually broke his silence.

"Hey, I know you! You're Victor Ramdin. I've seen you on TV," he said.

I told the man I didn't know what he was talking about, that he must have me mixed up with someone else. But he wouldn't give up, insisting that he'd seen me playing poker on TV.

"I can't possibly by Victor Ramdin. What would Victor Ramdin be doing in a place like this?" I asked.


Have you seen this man?

The man finally relented, admitting I was probably right. He apologized and we turned our attention back to the auction. We went back and forth, sometimes bidding against one another on all these five and ten-cent items for my stores.

The auction was over by three in the afternoon. I left the warehouse to pick up a truck and returned to load it up with all the items I'd purchased. The man was there again, boxing up inventory and loading them into the truck parked right next to mine. Again, he brought up how much I looked like Victor Ramdin. This time, he asked my name.

"Annand," I said. I wasn't exactly lying. It is my given name.

As we finished packing up our trucks and were getting ready to leave, I asked him when Victor Ramdin is usually on TV. He told me that poker shows usually air late at night, but to Google Victor Ramdin's name and I'd see what he meant.

I went back to my truck and grabbed the extra PokerStars hat I had in the back. I brought it over to my new friend, signed it, and confessed that I was indeed, the real Victor Ramdin. We had a good laugh about it and took some photos together. I'm always amazed when I meet fans. There really are some nice people out there who are grateful and really look up to us pros. That's why you'll see me on PokerStars sometimes, playing nickel and dime games just for fun. I really enjoy it and it's an honor to know there are people out there that respect your game and enjoy playing with you.

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Victor Ramdin
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