Four wishes

At the beginning of each year, everyone likes to talk about how many bracelets they want to win or how much money they want to win. I didn't exactly make a set of resolutions or set a list of ambitious goals. I made a wish list, since what I'm wishing for is quite a lot!

My first wish is to absolutely, 100% be healthy and try to live a better lifestyle. A big part of that is drinking less alcohol. That's not to say I won't be drinking at all, but I will be cutting back significantly. My second wish is to help my son who suffers from terrible migraine headaches. The third is to accomplish my mission to build an orphanage in my home country of Guyana. And last but not least is to win either an EPT title or a WPT bracelet.

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While I didn't accomplish the fourth wish at this year's PCA, I did start my poker year on a positive note. I had a phenomenal start in the Main Event and doubled up within the first five hands. However, that quickly turned into a total meltdown. I made three sets and lost all three hands to bust out on Day 1. That didn't feel too good, but I decided to play some side events. Including the Main, I went 0-3 in the first three events I played before finally finding some magic in the $2k NLHE turbos. I ended up cashing in two of those and left with a little money in my pocket instead of going home a loser.

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I was really conflicted between going to the Aussie Millions or the EPT Deauville. Although Australia is a wonderful place to play, I decided on Deauville instead since I've never been there and the travel from New York isn't as grueling. However, at the last minute I decided not to travel at all. Instead, I stayed closer to home and played some tournaments in Atlantic City. Then I headed up to my apartment in Toronto to grind the TCOOP. Since I'm much more of a live player, my online game takes more of a back seat at this time of year since there are so many tournament series going on. But whenever I can, I spend Sundays in Canada--usually about two weekends a month.

I wish you all a safe, healthy and prosperous 2014! See you at the tables.

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