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New kid on the block, by Victor Ramdin

Victor_Ramdin_mohegan.jpgWho is your favorite New Kid on the Block? No offense to Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, or Danny, but Donnie will always be my favorite. Not because he was the one who always wore the Yankees hat (though I am a New Yorker and I do appreciate it) but because of the incredible charity work he does.

Recently,I was able to attend the Send a Kid to Camp Celebrity Charity Poker tournament, hosted by Donnie Wahlberg, for his brother's Mark Wahlberg Foundation. 

The charity is pretty self-explanatory, but basically Donnie and Marky Mark get together to send inner-city kids to sleep away summer camp. The event was a huge success, as many kids will be going to camp this summer.

There were tons of Boston sports figures. For the record, I've never really gotten the whole Boston/New York hate thing, but then again I'm a New Yorker and I've clearly been spoiled by the fact that we reign supreme.  Regardless, Boston greats like Cedric Maxwell, Doc Rivers, Kevin Faulk, Ray Bourque, and Paul Pierce were all in attendance.

PokerStars played a role in the event as well. They gave away three prize packages to the North American Poker Tour, and one for the 2010 World Series of Poker. It was easily one of the best charity events I have attended. It was well organized, and a lot of fun. What more can you ask for?

It'sreally amazing the way the entire city comes together for Donnie's event.  I don't know if I've got the same kind of clout, but I think I'm going to attempt to do something like this in New York in the next few years.

I attended this event on a Tuesday, and the very next day I was back in New York for another charity tournament in New York, this time for TheChildren's Medical Fund of New York.  Another great event for a great cause.


On the poker-for-profit front, I made it to day two of the PokerStars.net NAPT Venetian, but unfortunately I didn't make it any further. I got it all in with two kings on a jack-high board and was called by pocket sevens. A seven came on the turn, and that was it for me.

The good news is that I did satellite in through PokerStars, and I've already won my seat for the North American Poker Tour Mohegan Sun. That makes my two for two for satellites to NAPT events.  You can satellite in for as little as a few dollars on PokerStars, so I'm basically free-rolling.  I'll take it.

I did want to share one hand that I played online with you guys though. I was playing in the PokerStars Sunday 500 one weekend.  I am really starting to enjoy playing online, and it's become even more enjoyable now that I've realized a) how easy it is to tilt people and b) how badly they want to give you their chips.

I was deep in the event when I decided to open ship with two Aces under the gun. The Villain whom I had beaten in a few pots already practically beat me into the pot (for 100k) in the cut-off.  I expected to see no worse than Ace-King, so I was shocked whe he turned over T♥9♥

This is basically a suicide play, based on steam, and tilt.  Villain has to know that he's not ahead of anything with that hand, and he's calling purely to try to get lucky.  Best case scenario, he's up against a smaller pair, and then he's flipping a coin at best.

Well, this kamikaze attack did work in this case, and the USS Ramdin was sunk.  Even though the play ended up working out for him, this is a prime example of why emotion can be so dangerous. 

When it comes to poker, it's ok to take a punch without necessarily having to punch back. 

Sunday night I chopped the $100 rebuy on PokerStars, splitting about $80,000 in prize money, so that was a pretty good score.  This score has got me oh so fired up for the upcoming SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) on PokerStars!

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