Bye WCOOP, hello ACOP

All tournaments, live and online, get me excited. WCOOP is one of the tournament series that I look forward to the most. Sadly, the Korean national holiday Choosuk was right in the middle of WCOOP this year and I missed a lot of events because of it.

Choosuk is one of the biggest national holidays in Korea, similar to Thanksgiving. The families get together and visit the graves of ancestors to thank them for everything. During" Choosuk we make small rice cakes called "song peun". They are the best.


I missed a lot of the WCOOP while spending time with my family. I cashed in a few events but my overall results weren't that good. Now the WCOOP is over with me in the red, but thanks to the holidays I feel pretty good.

The ACOP is coming up next month so I'm just thinking of it as preparation for the main event. ACOP is the grand final for the APPT season 7, held from Oct 18th, 17-day schedule has 18 cash tournaments and more than HK $27milliom ($3.5million US)in guaranteed prize money. The main event is a HK$100,000 buy-in with the biggest guaranteed prize pool in all of Asia.

Last year's inaugural ACOP was such a great experience--much more events compared to the other tournament series In Asia and so much fun that the 15 days of play is never boring.

Last year I got 3rd in the opening event and a few more final tables to make things even better. The welcome party was also really great.


The party that started with the dance teams Gangnam Style performance was followed by the senior event managers magic show which was absolutely amazing.

Meeting new people, having a laugh and a good time was enough to get rid of all my stress. Since the guarantee has doubled, I'm pretty sure that there will be much more participants this year. Hoping to make lots of new friends.

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