Me starring in a cartoon?

First of all, I don't like cartoons, comics, etc. I dreamed of princes sweeping me off my feet after reading comics when I was around 13 years old, but that's pretty much it.

But one day, my friend called me up and told me that I was a main character in a comic book. An author had made a character based on me and the comic was becoming quite popular. I was fascinated and surprised at the same time.

The comic started around March 2012 and it is still being published. The story shows the problems, romance, games and my life itself as a poker player.

vivian_im_cartoon1_4nov14.jpgMain character Vivian Im in cartoon form

As the comic got more popular, I received a call from the author and was able to meet up with him. I was able to tell him a lot of my stories as a poker player, and about Hold'em as well.

We were able to talk about how the story will move on and how the story will be resolved. I'm really looking forward to reading the next episode.

Vivian_Im_4nov14.jpegVivian Im: The non-fiction version

Of course it still was a comic and most of the story was fiction. But the fact that so many people were reading about that part of my life and enjoying it, it felt kinda strange, in a good way of course.

A lot of people who didn't even know about hold'em were able to get interested in the game. And so many readers, including me, were just waiting for the next episode to come out. There is even an application that tells you when a new episode is uploaded.

vivian_im_cartoon2_4nov14.jpgIm appearing in cartoon APPT form

I think the reasons that it gets more and more popular as the story moves on is because of the author's story-telling ability. But it's also the fact that the reader can actually feel that this is something that could happen to them as well.

People like stories where characters are successful through totally unexpected or highly exaggerated story lines.

Like watching Spider-Man? Kind of? Maybe not? It's the story of a normal student one day becoming a superhero.

I never thought nor dreamt that I was going to become a professional poker player, but it happened. I just enjoyed poker and enjoying it helped me become good at it.

vivian_im_blog_4nov14.jpegIm in work mode

I first learned about poker and experienced it at PokerStars. You can say PokerStars is my first for everything poker.

I mean, who would have known that I would get this amazing opportunity to be a Team PokerStars Pro and be the main character in a comic? Life is just full of surprises.

This comic is a medium for people to get to know poker, and to help it be accepted as a mind sport. I'm just honored that I was able to be a part of that.

Vivian Im is a member of Team PokerStars Pro.
Vivian Im
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