$10k stuck in a safe

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGEditor's note: This blog entry from Richard "Tzen1" Veenman came during a tough hour. He was readying himself for the $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship (he didn't survive Day 1) but couldn't put his hands on his buy-in...)

Yes I'm ready! Well, actually, not completely ready as currently the $10,000 is in the safe and we can't open the safe anymore. It's not that we forgot the code or used a wrong one. I can't even type in a code. I hope maintenance is here in a short while because I don't want to deal with it tomorrow.

You really lose count of what day it is, as it doesn't really matter here in Las Vegas. Everything is open 24/7 and the only difference between a weekday and the weekend is a little more crowd. I picked up that the Bellagio was completely full during the weekend and just heard downstairs that even during the week the Bellagio is almost 100% full. They only had rooms with one king-size bed left (so no two queen-size beds) and two guys didn't really like that fact, I can imagine

The first cash game session of this trip was pretty good, but I must say I haven't really won any money since then. I'm really happy with my play during this whole trip and I hope I can take some of it home so I can use it when I'm playing online again. Playing live always opens up my mind again as I can think more about situations which have become standard routine in my online grind. Sometimes these standard routines are not good, but you don't really notice them because you are just clicking. Playing live makes you think more about certain situations and that's always a good thing. Still I consider online to be much tougher then the live cash games, so you can't always compare the two.


If I play the same way as I've played over the last week and just have a little more luck with the hands I get dealt, I'm certain I can do good in the $10,000 event. I can't really say if I have an edge but I think I have two things that will most certainly help. I'm 28, which makes me a very old guy online but a very young guy live. Most people see me as an "internet" kid and to most older people all these internet kids play really loose.

I might play aggressive, but my pre-flop hand selection is probably too tight and not too loose. In combination with my aggression most people will 3-bet and/or call me down to light. This most certainly will give me some edge. During the $3k, I've seen very decent players but even they got tilted or sometimes just bored. I've played so many hands online that losing a hand in Limit can't really tilt me at all.

Now I'm of course not 100% sure if the fact I'm playing a $10,000 tournament will affect me, but I doubt it will. During the $3,000 event I didn't really feel the pressure of the fact it was a tournament with a $3,000 buy-in, and I think I can do exactly the same tomorrow. Now I'm probably not the best Limit player of the field, but if I'm average and can use my image and the fact I can play my A-game all day long to my advantage, I hope I can do some damage. Everybody knows you will always need a big chunk of luck to win a tournament and since it's just a really small sample it could go any way, but a man must have its dream. If I would win a big No-Limit tournament I would have to say that I'm not that good and just had a whole bunch of luck. If I win a Limit tournament, I can confidentially say I'm good at the game and was lucky enough to win it.

Yesterday RJ and I went over to the palms again to watch X-men: First Class. Another good Marvel movie, I should do a marathon of all Marvel movies somewhere in the winter! Afterwards we went over to the Rio to rail Remko Rinkema (Pokernews NL reporter) who was playing the $2,500 8-Game Tournament. Unfortunately he couldn't really get anything going and busted in the last level of the day with a cooler in Stud (His set on 5th street vs a full house). We agreed to go out for Sushi the next day so today we did. We went to Sushi Fever, somewhere far away from the strip and again I loved it.

Rob Hollink joined us as well (his favorite Sushi place) and together with Frank and RJ we just let Remko order whatever he thought was good and it worked out really good again. I've really no clue what he ordered so whenever I go eat Sushi I'll just have to take Remko with me Now I'm aware of the fact that the Sushi hype started years ago already and it seems to be trendy to brag about eating Sushi but if I would have had diner at a really nice Steakhouse I would have written about it as well. Which reminds me of the fact I didn't go to a steakhouse yet this trip! I'll definitely have to try a new one this trip but I can only do that if I bust the $10,000 event before the Final Table.

If all goes well I'm playing tournament poker the coming three days and I only have the diner break to get some food which isn't enough to try one of the many good steakhouses Las Vegas has to offer.

Next to playing poker and going out for diner I've seen the pool a lot and did some more shopping. Today I've finally bought something (besides a watch) for myself. I walked into a store since I saw a nice looking shirt and spent about an hour trying all sorts of clothes. I had a very helpful girl and she was Russian. Now I'm a sucker for girls with a Russian accent so I just had to say yes every time she brought me something to try on. Luckily I didn't had too much money with me since I was only planning to get some breakfast but I still bought two shirts and some new jeans. I got my complete outfit for the coming three days ready and a perfect outfit starts with perfect underwear:


It's more than an hour later and I still haven't seen the maintenance guy. I'm ready, I'm looking forward to it but I need my "stack of high society" to play tomorrow's event.

I hope he comes in a couple of minutes, else I will probably have to deal with it tomorrow.


He came!

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