Experimentation and the art of Time Tourneys

ps_news_thn.jpgEvery so often, PokerStars will run a tournament on a trial basis and a few weeks ago I found myself playing one of them to give it a try as the concept really appealed to me. It was a $2 turbo that lasted only 30 minutes. I have fun in tournaments that employ different strategies, whether it is the game type (split pot, 8 game, etc.), the structure (turbos, deep stack, etc.) or now the hard stop of a tournament. In these timed tournaments, you could see many different styles of play coming together, including the player who was quickly gambling and trying to amass all the chips for the impending chop (these tournaments pay out according to the size of each players stack), the player who was taking their time for every decision (trying to hang on to min cash) and the player who was playing a bit more cautiously recognizing that building a table image had less value.

What strategy will you use? I can't wait for the last few minutes of these tournaments!! In my opinion, one of the greatest drawbacks of tournaments can be the uncertainty of when it will end. So many of us lead really busy lives and it grinding tournaments can be tough on your social life becaise it can be hard to commit to a set time for anything, whether dinner, a movie, or a sporting event! These Time Tourneys give you the fun of a big multi table tournament, without having to commit your whole evening to poker. It is also nice to be able to get a good nights sleep before heading off to work in the morning! Needless to say, I am happy that the trial of this style of tournament was a success and that Time Tourneys will now be in the regular schedule at PokerStars.


Look for these tournaments in the lobby, they will run for a varied amount of time (from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 180 minutes) at which time the payouts are established based on stack size of the remaining players. You can give this tournament a try, for as little as $1, they are most easily found by looking under the "Tourney" tab, they have a little stop watch icon, or you can use the Tourney Filter at the bottom to find them.

If you can, make a deposit of $30 or more and use the code "TIME" until October 28th and PokerStars will give you one ticket for a $5.50 Time Tourney Ticket that can be used until 23:59 EST on October 28th. There will even be a last minute $5.50 Time Tourney for those procrastinators (myself included) out there!

These tournaments are a perfect addition to the lineup, and will suit recreational and professional players alike, people leading busy lives that want to play tournaments, but don't want to commit 8 hours (or longer) to a session. If you are allotted two hours to play some poker on a weekend....be sure to look at the newest addititon to the Saturday Line-Up, it's a $22 Time Tourney (two hours total) called the Saturday Countdown that will get going every Saturday, beginning October 19th, starting at 13:00 EST. The prize pool is a guaranteed $10,000...so come get whatever piece your stack is worth after two hours!

The best news of all is that on Saturday October 29th, all the Saturday Line-Up tournaments have a Double Guarantees....I know what I will be doing on Saturday!

If you are looking for more information, tweet me @talonchick or read up on this tournament on the Time Tourneys page.