Jorge Limon makes ESPN magazine

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGHi everyone!

This time I am not going to tell you about my rallying adventures. Instead I´ll talk about my recent appearance in ESPN magazine.

A few weeks ago I went to México City for the photo shoot. I met with Angel Guillen and Christian de Leon, the PokerStars Team Pros from México. First we gave an interview. By now I'm used to answering all these questions which are usually the same, so it's pretty quick and painless, but I can't say the same about the photo-shoot.


Why is Pacquiao in the cover and not me?


According to this I am a 28 year-old teenager lol.

The other guys usually take ages, they put sunglasses on, take them off, they change poses and expressions, but my shoots don't go like that. I have to admit that wasn't my first time, I've had some before, included live T.V., but I guess I just have a good poker face, because I don't have many faces in my repertoire, and if they want me to smile they better tell a good joke.

So, the shoot is almost finished and it's time for the cliché poses, particularly the one where you throw your cards, usually aces towards the camera. I bet you have seen that done many times. Well turns out it isn't as easy as it looks. The cards rarely fly in a good angle and direction and when they do you usually have a stupid look on your face, so after hitting the photographer on the face 20 times (if you have ever been hit by cards you know they can hurt), they finally got one that they liked and it was over.


Pocket aces about to hit him in the face

I remember in my interview to become part of the Team Online I was asked if I'd like to be famous, and I pretentiously answered that, in general, I tried to keep my ego at bay. So, I didn't care for fame, but I have to confess that I am enjoying this micro-celebrity status much more than I'd like to admit.