PokerStars Team Online says bring it on...for free!

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGRandy "nanonoko" Lew might just be the fastest poker player in the world. Anders "Donald" Berg is one the legends of the World Championship of Online Poker. Shane "shaniac" Schleger is a fan favorite and poker's king of social media. They are among the top names in online poker and flag-bearers for PokerStars' Team Online. Today, they and the rest of the team have a message for you:

Bring it on.

Starting this Sunday and continuing every first Sunday of the month after that, Team Online will host the first-ever Team Online Freerolls. Each month, PokerStars players will have a chance to play against other members of Team Online. The buy-in is nothing. The payoff is cash.

For people ready to make a real-money deposit on PokerStars, there is a $1,000 Team Online Freeroll. For folks who can't make a deposit but are creating new free money accounts on PokerStars there are $100 freerolls available. In both, the members of Team Online have bounties on their heads. It's up to you to get them.


Nanonoko says "Bring it on."

In fact, to get in on these freerolls, you're going to have to do a little advance work. The only way to get in is use special codes available on Team Online members' blogs. If you do so, you'll get the $600 deposit bonus, the added value of the freeroll, and a chance to play in the events. What's more, people are just beginning to learn about this promotion, so the fields are manageable enough that you can make some money without having to fight the masses. If you don't believe me, take it from Adrienne Rowsome.

For more details and the codes to get in, visit any of the Team Online blogs below:
Andre Coimbra
SpaceGravy Poker

Good luck!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Team PokerStars Online