Supernova's Night Out: Germany

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGThe Supernova Night Out started with a simple idea: get a group of Supernovas together and treat them like the VIPs they are. I was going to be the host of this event, and I felt right away that this was a great idea to get to know fellow players and enjoy an awesome evening out together.

But let's start at the beginning.

We met up with eight guys in the citycenter of Hamburg. Everyone knew we were going to have a nice dinner together followed by some partying. To get to the restaurant in style, a very nice white nine-meter stretch limo picked us up. It felt like in the movies. And there are so many cool features there. Press a button and the window between us and the driver closes? Nice. And what does that one do? Ooooooh, lighting in the limo roof! We even found a bottle of champagne on ice sitting there that we just had to get. What better way to get to know each other

SNEGermany1 (1).JPG

After a very enjoyable 30-minute ride we got close to the restaurant. Close? Yes, only close. Yours truly didn't take into account the big Harbor Birthday of Hamburg was happening right by the restaurant and all the streets were closed off. But everyone was in good spirits, and a small walk later we got to the restaurant. That's where we met up with the German Team Pro Katja Thater and Jan von Halle (and their cute beagle). Everyone seemed a little starstruck at first but the ice broke pretty much right away. We ordered a few plates of Sushi for everyone to share - very delicious. Katja picked out a nice wine to go along with the meal and everyone had a main course as well. I overindulged on the sushi and was almost stuffed already but the others ordered anything from Angus steak, lamb chops, chicken breast or simply a tradtional "Currywurst" as their main course, and from what I gathered they were all very nice.


SNEGermany3 (1).JPG

With the dinner over it was time for more of the nightlife in Hamburg. We all went up to the main amusement street in Hamburg, the Reeperbahn, and found us a nice bar outside where we could sit and have a few rounds of cocktails. As we were all poker players there we naturally had a bunch of things to talk and the group just fit together very well. It's always great to meet up with like-minded people and this one was no exception.


When that bar closed down at 2AM we decided to hit up a club and we settled on "C'est Paris". They had a nice dance floor there, we ordered a few more drinks for everyone. I think this picture sums up the rest of the night perfectly


I speak for all of us when I say we had an great time together that night and a big Thanks to the whole team at PokerStars for the superb experience.