Who needs WSOP when I have WCOOP

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgHi everyone!

After a quiet summer without a lot of card games, I am again getting ready to battle for the titles. I was considering going to WSOP, but chose again to stay home. I have found I really enjoy the nice Norwegian summer, and there are enough opportunities to go abroad and play live at other times of the year.

The Spring Championship of Online Poker, SCOOP, was a huge success for me, with four final tables, including one tournament win, and the Player of the Series award. I have now set my sight on the next big event, the World Championship of Online Poker. For three weeks in September, almost every day and night, Donald will be chasing bracelets and leaderboards.

Most players are attracted by the NL-hold'em events, with their huge fields and prize pools. While I will certainly play those tournaments, I strongly prefer the other games. In limit games, like Omaha High/Low, Horse and Triple Draw, I do feel I have some edge on most of the players. The situations and decisions in a limit game are for some reason more interesting and appealing to me than the live or die decisions of no-limit. And the smaller playing fields makes it easier to reach the final table, which is also a motivating factor.

The biggest challenge for me during WCOOP is to stay sharp and awake for as many tournaments as possible. Most days have three tournaments, with the last starting up to eight hours after the first. So, it may be a good idea to fully use the three-hour late registration some of the days. I also expect to put in some rest days, to recuperate after long and strenuous sessions.

Anders Berg-thumb-300x400-93267.jpg

WCOOP has its own home page, with lots of statistics and other information. As a stats freak, I am greatly motivated by those pages, and will closely follow the movements on the lists. One goal of the WCOOP is to overtake my friend Thor Hansen (osten) on the list of all time number of cashes. Another is of course to fight for the top ranks of the WCOOP leaderboard. There are substantial prizes to the top three, and I expect last year's winner, Andy McLEOD, will also join the fight.

WCOOP is a great opportunity to play with the best, and to have a shot at a bracelet. So even if you dont have the opportunity to play that many events, I hope you will set aside time and money for your favorite tournament, or try to satellite into it.

I wish you all good luck and hope to see you during WCOOP.

Anders Berg
@PokerStars in Team PokerStars Online