DaWarsaw: Lights, camera, go-karts!

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGIn the mid-December I had to put away my grinding sessions for a few days as a filming crew came to my home town - Warsaw. I was very anxious about meeting them and extremely excited about shooting the video. You all have already probably seen Nanonoko's short film by Team Online and I personally loved the gist of it. So when I first heard that the same crew is coming to Warsaw to make the same kind of movie with me I could not be happier about it.

DaWarsaw Image 1.jpg

At first, Ryan the director contacted me via Skype and we talked for over two hours about the idea of the movie. We discussed what activities I would like to include in it, interesting venues, participating acquaintances and friends and many other issues. As it turned out, all my regular off-poker activities were placed in the shooting: visiting my close friend, playing basketball and bowling as well as go-cart racing. I really cannot wait to see especially the latter as filming crew has used many different cameras and angles to catch the best scenes of the race. I even had the camera on my helmet! There was a motivating challenge involved in the go-cart racing but I will not tell you now what the result was, you will have to wait until the video is released.

DaWarsaw 2.jpg

Ryan, Mike (camera) and Greg (sound) decided also to film my home town, Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I am so proud of my city that its name is a part of my PokerStars nickname (DaWarsaw). I was born here 33 years ago and since late 80s I have been watching how it changes. Twenty years ago, Warsaw was actually sad and bleak city so I was thrilled to hear about any new planned building and wanted to know everything about it. There are still many areas that could be developed or modernized in Warsaw but I am already very proud of all the changes I have witnessed.

DaWarsaw 3.jpg

During those four days, even though the shooting process was really exhausting and we spent about 30 hours making the video, I had a blast. The crew was great and I had a lot of fun with them. I truly hope that they liked Warsaw and will have only good memories and experiences to share about it. After all, it's the movie about Warsaw and DaWarsaw!