DaWarsaw raking it in with B000000M!

ps_news_thn.jpgTeam PokerStars Online's Grzegorz 'DaWarsaw' Mikielewic is just one of the 1,937 winners that have picked up $207,246 in bonus B000000M! money over the last four days. To celebrate 1,000,000 hands being BOOM!ed we've been giving out 100 big blind bounties to anyone that wins a Zoom hand Hold 'em hand with the hand of the day (but you have to BOOM! it too). DaWarsaw put down his mouse for a few minutes to let us know how his B0000000M! campaign was coming on.


DaWarsaw's B000000M! war room

What are you enjoying most about the promotion?
"I like how easy and accessible this promotion is. All you need to do is play and wait for the hand of the day and it will come every 1,326 hands! Then you need just a little luck to win 100bb. I usually play 10,000 to 12,000 hands a day, so it means I will get eight to ten chances to win with hand of the day. Those odds are great!"

How often do you play on the Zoom cash tables?
"I play them almost every day for seven to eight hours. I started playing Zoom in April. I usually play 150,000-200,000 hands a month and will pass the 1,000,000 Zoom hands mark within 2 weeks."

Can you describe your favourite hand that you won yesterday with 4h4d?
"They were all fun, as the expectations when finally dealt THIS hand are big. In this moment you just need to focus and do not fold the hand on accident and try to make the showdown with the opponent. I can pay an extra bet on tough board but I will never go broke with my 44 when my opponent keep on betting on AKT. On the other hand, you need to make sure that your opponent will not fold when you hit set or straight. Yesterday I had my set vs top pair twice but was just calling my rival's bets."

What games and limits do you usually like to play?
"Mostly, I play 4 nl50 zoom tables and 4 nl100 at the same time. Eight zoom tables mean that I usually play 1,500-1,600 hands per hour. Now, with this promo, there is additional excitement as I know I should be dealt the hand of the day on every hour I play."

And if you haven't watched it, you can see this short film about him.

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