From one grind to another

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGWhat an intense month it has been! Its funny how whenever a big series like SCOOP or WCOOP is coming up you cant wait for it to start and you are so motivated to grind all the events every day, and then towards the end, well I think my colleague Shaniac put it the best:

Such a distinct mixture of sadness/disappointment and relief when I look at the #WCOOP tab all empty. -- ‏@ShaneSchleger

Still, I can't complain. I spent most of my WCOOP in Denmark crashing on a friend's couch which made the grind and the swings a lot easier to deal with. I started out great by chopping the 200r on the first Sunday, then outright winning the 50r the very next Sunday.

The WCOOP events themselves went reasonably well too. I had eleven cashes overall with my biggest cash coming from the $215 6-max PLO where I got fourth for 23k.

While I had a great time in Denmark, I decided to go home to London a week earlier than I had originally planned to take care of some urgent matters that had come up. It turned out to be a good decision because I decided to take a couple of days off the WCOOP grind to play my first live tournament since the WSOP, The English Poker Open.

Long story short, I won the whole thing two days later for £78,660 after running absurdly good in all-ins (won KT vs AJ on the bubble, then AJs vs AQ on the final table bubble, and at the final I lost AT to K9 for most of the chips in play, but then decided to win A6s vs QQ, AT vs AK and 99 vs AK for the title).


My WCOOP ended Monday, and I thought I would want to take a break from online poker for a while, but my inner degen already wants to get back on the grind again!

Unfortunately I am in the middle of moving out of my apartment and have been forced to deal with all the boring adult obligations that comes with it.

Next up for me is IPT/EPT San Remo that starts on Wednesday, after that I am planning to go on a surprise visit to my girlfriend in the States (probably not a surprise anymore) and just relax a bit for the rest of the month and get comfortable in my new apartment. Then November is coming up, and I will be back on the full grind with FCOOP, UKIPT Bristol, WPT Copenhagen, GUKPT, possibly recording a documentary and all the online sessions I can squeeze in in-between!