How I won EPT Copenhagen (Part 1)

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After UKIPT in Galway, where I had an absolute blast Saturday night at the players party I went straight from that to the airport at seven in the morning. I managed to sleep on my flight to London, grind a long online session as soon as I came back home (very unsuccessfully) and was on a flight to Copenhagen the next day so I could play day 1B of the EPT.

Now this is a bit of a derail but I have to vent it somewhere, nothing really tilts me more than EasyJets policy for luggage.

Basically you are only allowed to bring one piece of luggage on the flight and I had both a suitcase and my backpack. However, if you can get your backpack to fit down in the suitcase so it's still only one "unit" you are still allowed to bring both on and as soon as you get into the flight you are allowed to unpack the backpack again!

What that means is that I have to waste five minutes packing away my backpack only to be allowed to take it out again two minutes later!!! The only time its packed away is literally the walk from the check-in and until I am getting to my seat. I get that they have to set a precedent and they don't want people to use up all the overhead space and start bringing two suitcases for example but just allow people one piece of luggage for the overhead and one piece they can keep underneath the seat. I have tried to argue how illogical this is a couple of times but obviously the employees are just following protocol and don't really have a say. Anyone else get really annoyed by stuff like this or am I just being weird?


So I arrive in Copenhagen and was crash at my friend Rasmus "Bigoots" Sibasts' place which is very convenient as its really close to the casino and a lot more fun than living in a hotel. I have played EPT Copenhagen two times before (busting late in day 2 both times) and have had some pretty tough tables so I was very pleased to sit down on Day 1 and only recognize one person at my table. There were a couple of competent people at the table but overall it was smooth sailing and I got up to 58k from the 30k starting stack in just a few levels. One of the bigger hands I won early that was kind of interesting goes like this:

MP who seems to be playing pretty loose-passive and has open limped several pots before opens to 300, everyone folds to me and I call 67dd out of the big blind.

The flop comes 267ss and I check, he checks behind really fast. Turn is another 7 and at this point I obviously have to lead so I bet 400, he snap raises me to 1100 and I make it 2800, he thinks for a bit and makes it 4500.

Now at this point my range for continuing is pretty much just boats with no history and I am pretty puzzled as to what he can have. I feel like putting in another raise here is kind of pointless as I have a really hard time seeing him call with anything but 66 (only one combo) or 67 so I just call. The river is an off-suit queen which is a total blank, but im kind of afraid that he can check behind as strong a hand as 7x here and I don't think that he ever pays off a river check/raise so I elected to lead out for 8200 which he snap calls and mucks to my hand.

I think the river decision is sort of interesting and Rasmus think it's a pretty easy check-raise on the river, which I agree with on a theoretical level but sometimes when you play live you just get a vibe that something else is gonna work out better, which was exactly how I felt for this hand. Anyways he claimed to have A7 but someone told me afterwards that he folded a seven so I really doubt thats true, very curious as to what he had.

I only played one really big for the rest of the day where I called a guy who was pretty shorts open with KK, the big blind squeezed, original raiser folded and I called. Flop came AK5hhh, he leads and I raise and he calls. Unfortunately the turn is a 4h and it goes check-check and I pay off a 1/4th riverbet on a blank and Lose to JxJh for a pretty big pot. I ended day 1 with 57k which is good for a bit above average. I also had my first ever interview with PokerStars.

The first thing I remember from day 2 is one of the guys who crashed at the apartment coming into my bedroom and asking me if I shouldn't be playing the tournament right now. Somehow I forgot to set my clock and play has already been going on for 20 minutes! I rush down to get a cab, run into the casino to find my table where I have only blinded down to 54k, and the first hand I get dealt I get aces!! It sounds like something taken out of a cheesy movie and I almost couldn't believe it myself and yet here we are!

It gets folded to me in the cutoff at 300/600-50 and those who have watched me plays knows that I am very keen on the minraise but I didn't have any 100 chips and besides I think it makes more sense to open a big bigger on the first hand anyways to seem tilted and try and induce action. So I throw in a 1k and 500 and the small blind calls but the young guy in the big blind (who is playing about 50k I think) squeezes and makes it 5k.

I am trying my hardest to look like this:


But inside I am all:


I think for a bit and make it 9500 and he shoves pretty fast and I somehow hold against J9o for a nice double on the first hand. As far as the rest of the day goes nothing too exciting happens unfortunately, I win a small all-in with JJ vs AQ then lose one blind vs blind vs Stazko with A7o to his Ajs. I dont think I win any significant post-flop pots though and at the end of the day I bag up 82k.

On day 3 I started out a really tough table and couldn't get anything going and I was down to about 60k when our table finally broke. At that point we were getting pretty close to the bubble and my table was playing pretty aggressive and it was one of those times where I was getting zero good re-steal spots which is always incredibly frustrating. I think over the course of the 90 minutes or so it took for me to get moved there I won one pot where I open-shoved like 16bbs from the co with fives, rest of the time was just me withering and dwindling down.

On the exact bubble I have about 13 big blinds left and although there are a couple of short stacks there is still a decent chance I am going to bubble until a pretty crazy hand happens at our table:

Button opens to 6500 (with about 150k to start) and the big blind who is the clear chip-leader at our table 3-bets to 16k (obviously a good spot to 3bet light, but on the other hand not a spot where you would expect the button to open too light either). Button straight up 4bet jams A5s and couldn't be called faster by the big blinds KK, and just like that we were in the money!

Now the next couple of hours is a bit of a haze but basically I am all the way down 8 big blinds before I shove 78s into AT and manage to river an eight. After hovering around for a bit I shove 12bbs from the cut-off (antes are pretty big this level) with JT and gets snapped by the small blinds JJ so I am left with just 7k at 1500-3000. I put it in next hand with T9, gets called by the small blind and thankfully the big blind isolates me with KJ, pretty much the best outcome I could hope for. I flop a nine to triple up, shove the next hand under the gun and get through and get a walk the next hand, right back in it!

The next hour or so is just me picking up some hands in good re-steal spots and slowly building on my stack until I cooler a short-stacked Juha Heppi with AK vs AJ.

After that everything is smooth sailing and the crucial hands comes up against Martin Stazko where he opens the cutoff, I 3bet the button with JJ and he jams 99 for around 33bbs effective. It's nice when all the coolers works out in your favour, and so I am 8/24 going into day 4.

I was actually planning on just making one blog post about the EPT but I feel like there is enough material for another one, and I want to cover some more hands a little more in-depth and just give my thoughts on stuff like chopping and the live tournaments in general.

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