Looking to repeat 2011 wealth & health

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGBetter late than never. 2011 was a lot different than 2010 in terms of how I approached online poker. Fortunately, I mustered up a very similar result. In 2010, I was able to stick to a more robotic schedule and spread my play out between more days in each month...whereas in 2011, I accidentally fell into a routine of taking 1-2 weeks off every month and then cramming in some crazy hours during the latter half of each month to retain my Supernova Elite status on PokerStars (before it eventually expired in September).

In 2010, I earned just over 1 million VPP's and in 2011 I earned about half of that. Given that I earned much less rakeback last year, I'm pretty happy with how the numbers turned out in terms of profit. Factor in Team Online and I'm looking at a very similar income to 2010. Here's the breakdown of the money earned at the tables with an annual total at the bottom.

  • January - $2,064.01 USD
  • February - $17,918.34 USD
  • March - $11,002.81 USD
  • April - $20,300.00 USD
  • May - $18,243.18 USD
  • June - $9,486.42 USD
  • July - $13,567.47 USD
  • August - $9,050.55 USD
  • September - $4,056 USD
  • October - $7,532 USD
  • November - $2,227 USD
  • December - $7,817 USD
  • Total: $123, 264.78
  • Away from the tables, 2011 was pretty good as well. I think that I've managed to transform my two main goals of eating well and working out into regular facets of my life, which I'm pleasantly surprised about. I'm almost certainly in the best shape of my life right now and look to continue that trend in 2012. It's easy to go to the gym if you actually enjoy it.


    Tyler Frost enjoying life

    I think that I managed to make the most of my time off each month by spending a ton of hours with friends and family. It was exciting to sweat the Vancouver Canucks throughout the entire playoffs even though they came up just short in the end. The atmosphere around the city was buzzing so hopefully they'll have another deep run this year. I didn't do as much travelling last year as I did the previous year but it was nice to have a more laid back summer in Vancouver.

    As soon as September rolled around things became extremely hectic for me to close out the year because I had to deal with a move. It was tough to find a place amongst a lot of returning students in September but my new roommate Mark and I finally landed a nice place in a great location and I couldn't be happier after living here for 4.5 months now. I finally feel like I've found a place that's perfect for my lifestyle for the next few years and really feel at home.

    2011 was a pretty iffy year on the old girl front. I feel like I've kept you all in the dark for most of the year about my usually wide open love life but it's tough when it's so easy to access this blog. As it turns out, less girls than you might think actually appreciate turning up on the blog...especially without knowing it! Anyways, I guess the general theme for the year was to stray away from one night stands and general hookups and try to establish some kind of decent relationship. I tried this with a few girls but my heart wasn't really in it each time and things fizzled out after a couple of months. Oh well. Still single!
    Thanks all for reading...hope you all had a good 2011 and an even better 2012!

    Good luck at the tables.