On being a Team Online wife

teampokerstarsonlinelogo.PNGWe here at the PokerStars Blog enjoy having a big stable of Team Pros and members of Team Online to keep us abreast of what it's really like to be a pro, think like a pro, and live like a pro. Thing is, part of being a pro is apparently playing a lot, and in Team Online's George Lind's case, that meant being too busy to write for us. But have no fear! His wife is on the case. Here she gives us a little taste of her trip with George to Monte Carlo.

I have no idea what poker players are interested in as far as George's blog nor do I keep up with the poker world (bad wifey) but I hope you find this at least mildly interesting. If nothing else, I think you will see a different side to Jorj95. To those online players who never make it to the live tournaments, maybe some of these pictures will entice you to change your mind - it really is a great way to travel and experience the world. So, here goes....

jorj95 - 1.jpg

How cute is that? We checked into our room after 11 hours of flying with a baby to that on our TV screen when we checked into our room.

This was the view from our top floor room. As usual, thanks to PokerStars, our accommodations were amazing.

jorj95 - 2.jpg

jorj95 - 3.jpg

While George was working, Cooper and I meandered around the city checking out the buildings, finding playgrounds and discovering the many elevators (a small piece of heaven in a city built on a cliff). Meet Wifey and Jet Lag Cooper. Cooper wanted to support Team Online one day and wear a couple of his dad's patches.

jorj95 - 4.jpg

jorj95 - 5.jpg

As it turned out, there was much to find in Monte Carlo that I certainly never saw on the last trip. Initially, I attributed this to the elevators. Then I remembered that last time, George finished 32nd (or something very close) in that tourney which meant we only had maybe 2 days top to check things out. Those were the days when I actually watched him play. Haha, not so much anymore. Mostly because Cooper cannot be in the poker rooms. But also because its not much of a spectator sport IMHO (again, bad wifey). Though it was fun to watch him during the online coverage of his final tables at last year's WSOP.

Anyway, after George busted we all took a short one hour train ride and spent the day in Cannes, France.

jorj95 - 6.jpg

A fun, if touristy, city. Lots of shopping and restaurants. Reminded me of California, specifically Venice Beach. We walked along the boardwalk, Coop rode the merry-go-round and we checked out the area where the Cannes Film Festival is held each year. Around the building are handprints of various movie stars. This was George's fav....

jorj95 - 7.jpg

Back in Monte Carlo, we also toured the aquarium, found the zoo, looked at Prince Rainier's collection of cars, trekked it up to the Exotic Garden and just enjoyed the general atmosphere. Here are some pics from around the city...

jorj95 - 8.jpg

jorj95 - 9.jpg

jorj95 - 10.jpg

It was a fabulous week. If you want to read and see more of our trip, go to jorj95.net. Though I will warn you. While I may be quiet in person, my blogs tend to be long winded. See you all in a few weeks at the WSOP.

Deb Lind
@PokerStars in Team PokerStars Online