PokerStars mobile: Your new weapon to survive shopping

Team PokerStars Online's Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra may well have just saved his relationship - and might be able to save yours while he's at it. The Portugese player, who got a lot of attention during his sleep-deprived MicroMillions II campaign, has struck upon the idea of playing on PokerStars Mobile whenever he gets dragged out shopping by his girlfriend.

And before any accusations of gender politics are levelled at us we'd love to suggest that PokerStars Mobile can be used the same by anyone having to listen to or do something that they'd rather not - it's not girlfriend specific. For instance, are you trapped having to listen to a bunch of chuffers discussing the magic of 'El Clasico' (despite the fact that Barcelona and Real Madrid seem to play each other six or seven times a year). Maybe you've been caught within earshot of a conversation whose main contributors use the word 'awesome' to describe something that they have a mildly positive view on ('This slice of bread is awesome') or are stuck waiting for a connection with nothing but an overpriced coffee shop to hold your attention. PokerStars Mobile can be your friend.


Play in bed if you want

The MicroMillions III starts this Thursday (14 November) with a Hyper-Active $0.11 re-buy. It was a lot of fun last year with almost 340,000 re-buys and add-ons!

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