$57,000 and counting: Coimbra Twitcam this weekend

My last update was at the end of June when I had $18K, so you are probably wondering about what happened to me during the June.

As planned, I started by playing really early, and while it took me some days to get used to this new schedule, I started getting final tables more often since the fields were softer and smaller than the ones I find during the afternoons.

At first I was doing an early run, but I would get tired to grind after, and I've decided to postpone my running goals for 2014 after I finish my challenge.

The first Big score was a 3rd place finish at the Big $16


I recorded two videos where I reviewed this tournament with Andrew Brokos, and I published them on YouTube for my followers:

It was great to learn from Andrew what I was doing wrong and to feel more confident about what I was doing right while producing good content for my followers!

Then things got hot at the Hot $33 and I finished 3rd in this tournament:


Some weeks after I did back to back 3-handed chops at the Big $16


And I got 2nd at the Hotter $4.4 for another $3k Finish!

There were some final tables at smaller tournaments, but I guess that the big highlights were these.

At this point my bankroll was $34.5K!

Was it just luck?

I definitely got more than my share of luck at any tournament I reached the final table and that's the way things are at tournament Poker, but on the other hand I got quite unlucky at a lot of times where I busted out early or even on the last 2-3 tables of a big tournament and those times were very frustrating to be honest!

So, I will say that it wasn't just luck, I improved quite a bit during these months and I started doing some things differently as I got more and more used to final tables.

If I reached the last 5 tables of a big tournament, I would open all the other 4 tables on my side screen and whenever we reached the last 4 tables, I would check the replay of all the hands in the table that closed and put notes on the other players. I did the same thing for the last 4 tables, 3 tables and last 2 tables. At the final table I would replay every hand that got to showdown and put notes as well.

This is a lot of work and might not seem like a big deal, but once we get to the final table I already knew who the crazy players were and who was trying to just squeeze one or two more pay jumps. Then I would adjust accordingly and take advantage of that information while they probably have no clue about how I played.

I also got used to negotiate chops at the final table and I think that I got some pretty good deals! I also realized that as long as I did fine at negotiating the chop, I didn't have to be good at Heads-Up play or even 3-handed play some times, so that was definitely a plus since I don't get to practice that often!


Then the WCOOP started and I started playing during the afternoon and night, chasing a big win and to stay awake I got insane amounts of coffee. Probably 8-10 coffees per day...
I got in a cycle where I needed coffee just to stay awake, but at the same time I wouldn't be able to sleep because of the amount of caffeine I was taking, so I would sleep 2-3 hours per day (I usually sleep 9-10) and I wasn't really able to focus much, since I didn't sleep much.

The next big score was a final table at the Bigger $109 where I finished 6th

First prize was $63K so with some hands going my way I could have gotten really close to finish the challenge! Never the less it was a great finish!

I recorded the final table live with some commentary so that I could share the moment with my followers

In retrospective I made some mistakes before the final table that cost me chips and 1 big mistake at the final table (folding AQ), but... I will have to live with that and move on.

The next big score came on a Monday where I was feeling pretty bad about playing since I've been losing everything and I wasn't even going to play this tournament, but... it was $109 Knock-out and if there is a kind of tournament where I think that recreational players play really really bad is at the Knockouts, so I just couldn't resist...

It was at a WCOOP 2nd chance where I did a chop at the Heads-up and I won $23.6K (bounties included)


This was the biggest finish of the challenge so far!

And you can also see for the full final table with live commentary online

After the tournament I reviewed my plays and everything was ok. The all-in with the 36s was borderline +ev and the last all-in with Q9o break-even, so I'm fine with those plays even though they can be minor mistakes.

At this point I reached the maximum amount of money I had on the challenge so far: $64K.
I thought that with $64K I didn't have the proper bankroll to play the WCOOP Main Event and I skipped it. The last weekend of the month didn't go very well and I closed the quarter with $61K

Turning $18K into $61K in three months was awesome!

I know that I said that I would take 2 weeks off at the end of 12 months, but It never seems like a good time to take time off with the Sundays full of great tournaments that might let me hit $100k and I didn't take my time off yet.

I tried to stick to the night schedule (stay awake until 4-5am), but It feels really bad. If I bust on all the tournaments I'm playing I'm probably done by 2am and then I have 3 hours where everyone is already sleeping, so it's quite lonely and it's not something I want to keep doing.

The bankroll is at $57K now and I have almost three months left, so let's talk business!


For the last quarter of the year I will keep a morning+afternoon grind/study during the week and play some extra hours during the weekend. If I make a deep run on a big Sunday tournament I will probably have to get some coffee to be able to stay awake and focused, but I will be aware that it's a once per week deal, that I will probably lose the next 2 days of work since I won't be able to sleep and I will only do it if I can get a big finish that really matters for the challenge and makes it worth to lose 2 days.

I will host a twitcam Saturday (12-Oct) at 9pm Lisbon Time @andrebcoimbra, feel free to join me and share your thoughts and questions about me or my challenge!

André Coimbra
@PokerStars in Team PokerStars Online