Adventures in NLO8

Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with a new game. It goes by the name No Limit Omaha High Low Split....or for simplicity NLO8. I took the game lightly, not expecting the games to challenge me; however, after playing a few sessions I realized I was wrong and that this game requires much more of my attention and study.


As I enjoy playing different poker variants, including the 8 game mix and Courchevel, it seems to be an excellent time to formulate a list of questions that I can ask while learning a new game to ensure I elevate my game as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

1. Why am I playing this game?

2. Is it profitable to be playing this game? What is a reasonable expected winrate?

3. Specifically, where is the value to be made in this game?

4. What are the biggest mistakes my opponents are making?

5. What are the biggest mistakes that I am currently making?

6. Who are the top players in this game?

7. Who are the bottom players in this game?

8. What are my opponents doing well vs me?

9. What am I doing better than my opponents?

10. What's the most important skill to be a big winner in this game?

11. Is there any piece of information that I feel like I'm missing?

12. What must I do to become a top player in this game?

Deliberately answering these questions is making a big difference in my mindset as I ready myself for another session...let the grind continue! What techniques do you use to help your game, I'd love to hear from you, tweet me @talonchick!

By the way, if you think no limit hold 'em can be crazy, come watch some NLO8!!!