Ask nanonoko anything!

You've got to love Randy "nanonoko" Lew. Not only is he a successful online grinder (and by that we mean world record-breaking) but he's also a super nice guy. Then again, we'd never met "macronoko" before. He's the glitzy flipside of nanonoko, the chalk to Lew's cheese, the Oliver Hardy to his Stan Laurel.


Who you calling Stan Laurel?

nanonoko - that's the nice one - asked the Twitterverse to supply questions using the #askNANONOKO hashtag. No boundaries, no caveats, no ethical fuzziness. If you had a question you could ask it. I even shoehorned in my own question. nanonoko does his best to answer all of those questions in the video below. nanonoko produces these as and when he can fit them in round his rigorous grinding schedule, but you can find them all at his YouTube channel here. He's even managed to do the Harlem shuffle by himself. See for yourself if you don't believe us (bottom video).

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Rick Dacey
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