Bonkers Andre Coimbra binks a big 'un

Just a couple of weeks ago we told you that Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra's $100 to $100,000 Challenge was 'moving'. We weren't wrong. Did you think that $100 into $6,700 in less than three months was an impressive spin-up? That's nothing, Coimbra's now up to $20,000. He's positively flying.

The PokerStars Team Online grinder - who stripped himself of his Supernova Elite status VIP Status as part of his charity challenge - has just won a $1 rebuy tournament for $13,927 after beating a field of 15,606. That win has rocketed his total up to $20,228.


acoimbra chipleading at EPT Vilamoura (read more)

Turning $100 into $20,000 in three months? Sounds like a pretty good wage to us. Well, it would be if the Portuguese player wasn't giving it all away to charity. But that $100,000 is still some distance away.

"I think that the hardest part is still to come! As I progress, the games get harder and harder and the edges smaller, so I think that the last 'monies' will be the hardest to get! So, all in all, I think that it's possible to achieve the $100K, but I'm far from feeling sure about it," said Coimbra.


It's good at the top

Understandably our man took a couple of days of well-earned rest after his bink.

"I took Friday off and spent the weekend at my mother's place to celebrate Easter.
It's nice to spend some time with family and deviate from my diet for a few days!
On Monday and Tuesday I took care of moving the stuff from my office back home then it's back to the challenge on Wednesday," he said.

Check out his personal blog post about the win here.

And don't forget that acoimbra is working hard on his game with plenty of study and self-reflection. Hard work pays (or you can take the PokerStars Blog approach of getting it in bad and hoping your opponent can hero-fold bottom set - it doesn't work too well). You can learn alongside him by checking out some of his other posts and video tuition, some of which are in English, others in Portuguese.

One of the session videos charting acoimbra's win

"Before winning that tournament I was planning to spend some time studying the <25BB game on turbos and play a bit lower. I had been finding the $20-$30 tournaments hard to beat. I wanted to go a bit back and take my time to study topic by topic, instead of trying to learn it all at the same time.

"Winning $14K on a huge $1+r field boosted my bankroll and my morale a lot for sure, but it didn't increase my skills and I still don't know if I'm ready to beat the $20-$30 tournaments. So, even though I have the bankroll to play higher... I will take my time working on my skills before playing higher. One of my goals will be to prepare myself for the SCOOP series next month. I will play higher there, because I think that it will be one of the biggest opportunities of the year for a big pay day!" he said.

SCOOP is coming soon!

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