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Crazed Andre Coimbra's $100,000 challenge gets moving

Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra is a lunatic. He's a nut bar, a fruitcake, loopy and bonkers. He's mad, barmy and round the bend. He's an unhinged, unbalanced, rabid crackpot. But, and it must be stressed that it's a big but, he's got a good heart.

The PokerStars Team Online grinder has thrown away his SuperNova Elite VIP status, much like a hermit tossing away the rags of capitalist hegemony, to throw himself into a year-long $100 to $100,000 challenge. And, and again this is a big and, he's giving away everything he earns to charity. Read more about that here.

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"My lamp will swear on my behalf that I haven't lost my tiny mind."

Coimbra is best part of three months in and has turned his $100 into around $6,700. Now you might think that he should be at around $20,000 if he was going to be on track. That's a approaching a quarter of the way through, right?


Remember his growth has to be exponential (he started with just $100) and all coming from PokerStars MTTs. The growth up towards $100,000 is going to look like a population explosion, albeit a more jaggedly line. Or it certainly should if our resident eccentric gets it right.

That $100 into $6,700 is moving nicely. If his bankroll maintains that rate of growth he'll have $442,200 by the end of June. But games have a tendency of getting tougher as the buy-in gets bigger. Should be a fascinating challenge to follow. We'll be posting up occasional updates but if you want more than that - and to learn alongside Coimbra as he tries to plug leaks and learn new ways to exploit players at every level then check-in regularly at his acoimbra blog.

Talking of challenges, acoimbra's teammate Tyler 'frosty012' Frost is trying to win the MicroMillions leader board.

Click through to find out more about the members of PokerStars Team Online.

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