Fish, chips, and more chips!

Before this SCOOP came along, I decided to take a long poker trip around Europe. My first stop was in Berlin for the EPT. It's a great city and I absolutely loved it. After the tournament ended, I stayed in Berlin for about a week then went straight to Monte Carlo for the EPT Grand Final. It was quite awesome that the PokerStars VIP Club rewarded Supernova Elites with a complimentary helicopter ride to the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel! As for the tournament, I ended up finishing right outside of the money which is unfortunate but it gave me the confidence that I was playing well and SCOOP was right around the corner. I decided to extend my stay in Europe and play the SCOOP over in London. London is superb by the way! The fish and chips is delicious.




As of now, I'm playing the SCOOP. Personally, I love how the SCOOP has 3 different types of buy-ins that you can choose from which gives everyone a chance to play. And well if you're like me, you'll just play all 3 different stakes! We're currently one-third of the way into the SCOOP and currently I've only got 1 cash but there's still plenty of events to come. I made a video showing my play with some commentary so if that's your type of thing, you're welcome to watch and listen.

As for the SCOOP schedule, I'll be playing pretty much the majority of the NL events and well it makes sense, because that's practically the only game I know how to play. Wish me luck!

nanonoko scoop schedule (1).PNG

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