Grinding it UP! (with xflixx) - the July update

Another month, another review! June wasn't a great month looking at some of my poker results, but July is pretty much making up for it. Here we go.

Cash game results
I didn't get a lot of volume in, but that's not bothering me at all. I managed to reach my monthly 12,000 VPP goal and results are quite good:


Literally grinding it up...

As always I am mainly focused on constantly improving my game. I am looking to increase volume only under the premise of being able to deliver my A-game and reduce session times whenever I feel I'm playing B- or even C-game.
Also, it's just way easier mentally to grind out 2k hands at microstakes than it is at midstakes levels for obvious reasons. I think it pays off big to try and balance my daily business between midstakes, my microstakes challenge, video production, training and coaching such that I reduce the chances of burning out quickly just doing one thing. For me personally, motivation for one thing always seems to grow fastest with increasing diversification into other fields.

VPP counter 2013: 65,678
Table winnings: +$3,406
FPP bonus: +$800
Stellar bonus: +$100

Sum: +$4,306

Tournament results
To my dismay I didn't cashed in a single Micro Millions event this season. However, I didn't get to play in as many as I would have liked with the challenge grind and other real life stuff keeping me from spending tournament hours at night times in front of my computer.
Last night I registered for a total of $100 in buyins into my favorite microstakes tournaments but cashed only in the Bigger $8.80 in 2xxth place which put me down to about $60 in total for that Sunday grind. I could have potentially turned this into a deep run by laying down the following hand - excited to learn how you would have played it.

Overall I pretty much broke even playing tournaments this month, which actually isn't too bad of a result for a tourney fish like me.

Grinding it UP! challenge
I'm in week 2 of my new longterm project and have completed eight full days of grinding for about 2,500 hands during each of them with decent success. The current challenge bankroll is at ~$167, which means I doubled the amount I started out about 1.5 weeks ago. I'm already playing $5NL and the first eight videos are up on my YouTube channel.
I'm planning on running this project for as long as it's going to take me to complete the $8,000 bankroll goal, so make sure to take a look at my daily updates on YouTube!
I'm always open to questions, comments and feedback to address in upcoming episodes of this videoseries (use #grindingitup if you tweet me @xflixx).

Watch my Day #8 video below. It's got loads of interesting situations:

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So, now we are off to a new month. I'm planning to heavily increase my volume in August as I will be leaving for vacation in the US in September. Have a good start all and...
Keep grinding it up!

Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders is a member of Team PokerStars Online.