Grinding it UP! (with xflixx)

Every year when summer comes around I start to feel this grinding-it-up itch. It reminds me of how I managed to build up my first serious poker bankroll in the summer of 2006
and it makes me want to start all over again. It was such a great time when I first got my head into poker while dreaming of Vegas and the WSOP (I didn't even know the Mirage back then). I deposited a small amount to build my first real bankroll while striving to consume and learn everything I could about this game.

Some time later, after becoming a trainer at IntelliPoker, I told people about my grinding-it-up story and I received tons of positive feedback. But there were also a lot of people with doubts, not so much as in not believing my story but rather doubting the chances of them being able to run up a poker bankroll from scratch like I did. That's when I got inspired about doing it again, starting out with just a small deposit and run that up to a mid-stakes cash game bankroll.

So I did it again. I started with 80 bucks, opened up a challenge blog at IntelliPoker and started documenting my progress while grinding up through the micro-stakes.


Better at poker than graphic design...

I started at $2NL six-max, played around 100k hands on my way through every microstakes cashgame limit and wrapped up the challenge at $50NL six-max:


xflixx surfing the wave of grinding success

Ever since I had that success that year I have decided to repeat the challenge encouraging the German IntelliPoker community to join me in building their own bankrolls with six-max cash games.

This year I'm having another go at it, of course. I will share my experiences and document my progress for all of you by recording a daily 10-minute video for my YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe, watch, enjoy or even try it out yourself. It's only gonna be the same old 80 bucks I have always used to get you started!

Grinding it UP: Day #1

If you can read German you can also follow my progress at the official IntelliPoker blog.

Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders is a member of Team PokerStars Online.