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I'm going for MicroMillions Player of the Series

The Micro Millions 4 tournament series kicked off on March 14th and is now underway!

After giving it a decent amount of thought, I've decided that I'm going to put in a lot of effort to try and win/finish high up on the overall leader board. After being a bit surprised to see how much interest people had following me in the WBCOOP and having a lot of fun trying to finish 1st on that leader board as well, I think that trying to win the Micro Millions (MM) leader board will be even more gratifying if I succeed and more entertaining to follow, regardless.

To win the MM leader board, you need to accumulate the most leader board points by the end of the series. You get points every time you cash and the deeper you go in a tournament, the more points that you earn. Naturally, therefore, the more events that you play the better chance that you will have to do well on the leader board so long as you can continue to play well. With that in mind, I will not be planning on playing all of the events but I will plan on playing a ton (like 80+). I don't have an exact strategy worked out in terms of sleeping (since the events run around the clock) but thanks to late registration I'll hopefully be able to carve out some 6 hour blocks to rest up. Also (and this is why I'm not making it a goal to play every event), If I feel like I'm just way too tired and am not playing well I'll simply miss a tournament or two and rest up completely. It will be hard to find a balance between being rested and playing well and wanting to play as much as possible but I'll see how things go. I won't be too reluctant to just quit on the series as well if things go poorly in terms of cashes over the first 5-6 days. Anyways, in no particular order, here are some reasons as to why I want to play most of the events and finish high on the leader board:

1. Mixing it up a bit from the everyday grind. Playing cash games all of the time does provide a fairly consistent income for myself but it can be a bit dull too. Whenever the chance to dabble in tournaments or other poker-related opportunities arises I think it's a good idea to for me to take part when I can, in order to keep things fresh.

2. Cash game volume. As I play these tournaments for hours on end, I will also be playing some cash game tables at the same time. I think that this will do wonders for my volume but I'm definitely not optimistic of the effect that playing so much will have on my results. I know from past experiences that whenever I play insanely high volume for long hours, my results suffer. To try and combat this as much as possible, I will probably play much fewer tables at once than I normally do (say 10-18 instead of 24) and I will probably shut down the cash tables every few hours...even if I'm still playing in a tournament.

3. Profit! The prize for winning the leader board is a $5,200 SCOOP ticket and the top ten get a $1050 ticket. On top of the leader board prizes, I might look for some side action and join some MM pools and of course try to do well in the MM tournaments themselves. Although I expect the fields to be huge in each event, I also expect the fields to be extremely soft and I'm sure chips won't be as hard to come by as they would in most tournaments. The Final Table payouts for any given tournament will be quite large, despite the small buy-ins.

4. Fun! As I mentioned, it will be fun to mix up the daily grind and play some tournaments but I think that it will also be fun to have people not only follow my progress but share theirs as well. I'll try to make the whole series as interactive as possible and provide updates via twitter whenever I'm close to a cash or in the money. I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to post blog updates but something every few days is probably reasonable.


I think that there will be a lot of good players in the series and I'm sure a bunch of people will be trying to do well on the leader board as well. It will take a lot of luck to finish well but that's part of the fun. Here are a few reasons as to why I think I have an edge over the majority of people playing the series:

1. Volume. In order to do well on the leader board you need to play a lot of events...there just aren't that many people out there that have the time flexibility like I do to play a ridiculous number of events. On top of that, out of those that do have the freedom to play whatever they want, the majority probably won't due to a number of reasons (lack of motivation, don't want to put themselves through the grind etc.). It's all a numbers game when it comes down to it.

2. Skill? While I'm not tournament pro, I'm certainly no rookie either. I built my bankroll by playing in micro stakes tournaments and it might take a little bit to shake off the rust but I think that I'll have an edge at every table that I'm at in these tournies. Just being able to play with a lot of confidence alone goes a long way to doing well in poker so hopefully this helps me throughout the series...

3. Deep pockets. Fortunately, the buy-in cost will never be a concern for me and a lot of the events are rebuy and add-on events. I will never go bust during a rebuy period and I will always add-on when I can...that alone will give me a big edge in those tournaments because a lot of people sign-up with 1 bullet and then leave when they get stacked. I will also not be scared money at any stage of the tournament, although bubbling leader board points will still hurt !

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