Kicking back with my sick setup

With the #sickestsetup PokerStars promo arriving, I decided to show you what my setup looks like. Being an ultimate grinder, I find the setup and work organization very, very important. I cannot imagine playing without comfortable conditions and or being free from distraction. Some people play in very chaotic setups, and while I do not mind that for them (you know what is best for you), I am certain that it would not work for me.

At the moment, I have two 24" monitors, but I'm considering changing one of them to 30". I am stacking my tables, so I always have only one big table in front of me, so in any current moment I can focus on only one decision. I have put my monitors on speakers so I do not have to look down on them, which is especially important as I often just lay in horizontal position on my ergonomic chair.

image 1.jpg

The chair is called Ergohuman, and I love its features. It supports my lower back. I have different options for armrests and headrest. I can set it in many different positions, and I feel very comfortable in it. I also use the footrest which was sent to me together with the chair and is also adjustable in many ways.

I am currently looking for one more improvement: a desk mount LCD arm. Generally, the problem is that when I am sitting in front of the monitor, I cannot put my legs straight on the desk and I must place them a little on the side which is not always comfortable. The alternate option is to use the footrest, but most of the time I prefer to have my legs up. So, with the LCD arm, I can attach it to the side of the desk and bring the monitor just in front of my eyes. At the same time, I can free the space on the desk to put my legs there. I hope it will work perfectly!

image 2.jpg

The last but very important thing that I use in my setup is the Xbox gaming pad. I have described it in detail last year on my blog at In short, I can do anything I want on my one big table in front of me with just one click on the pad. I do not have to move the mouse, as it was before, which is a huge time-saver.

image 3.jpg

Taking it all together, I really like my current setup and hope that adding desk mount arm will make it even better. I also look forward to see how the other players around the world play poker and what their setups look like. The funny thing about this promo is that you actually do not have to do anything, as your setup is probably already ready. Just take a photo and upload it via Instagram and 50,000 FPPs could be yours!