Miraculous George 'Jorj95' Lind conquers his million VPP challenge

George Lind, who is better known as Team PokerStars Online's 'jorj95', has just completed what they said couldn't be done. And by 'they', I mean 'we'. When Lind made his bold proclamation that he would notch up a million VPPs, stay in pre-rakeback profit and lose 10 pounds in weight in just one month, we thought that one of them - at least one of them - would trip him up.


George Lind at this year's PCA

No, he cleared it with days to spare and coasted across the finish line for 1,440,801 VPPs, a $43,000 pre-rakeback profit and 13 pounds down on his waistline. What a life. You can read his post about it here: "Challenge wrap-up" (or our alternative name, "How I achieved the impossible and made it look like an everyday chore like, you know, putting out the rubbish or rinsing a few glasses.")

Lind has been smashing up the PokerStars table for years and is way out in front with most VPPs clocked up, which now weigh in at an incredible 12,686,502. Check your own total. Think about how much poker you may have played and extrapolate that. *Boom* It's mind blowing.


Read 'em and veep

His astounding dedication was recently rewarded by the VIP team who covered an all expenses paid holiday of a lifetime for Lind and his family, which we wrote about here. You can get the same, too. You just need to clock up 10,000,000 VPPs first. Should be a piece of cake (which is something that Lind can now eat again).

Congrats to you, Mr Lind. You are worth your weight in VPPs.

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.