PokerStars software tips (from the people who use them most)

As part of the PokerStars Road to 100 Billion celebration, we asked Team Online to look back at the development of the PokerStars software and offer some tips on how to get the most out of it.

Saying that the members of Team Online play a lot at PokerStars is a bit of an understatement. Take Jorj95 for example:last month he played enough to earn more than a million VPPs. So who better to give a handful of quick tips for improving your experience with PokerStars software? Ladies and gentlemen, here are four software tips from the members of Team Online:

1. Richard 'Tzen1' Veenman--Auto Buy-In (Ring Games)

"I always buy in with the same amounts. To help get seated quicker, I use the Auto-Buy-In Options" -

How-to: 'Options' > 'Auto Buy-In Options (Ring Games)'


It's easier than re-buying live!

2. Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders--Bet Slider Shortcut Buttons

"I set up my bet slider buttons to bet sizes I use a lot. Even if I want to deviate a little, using those buttons lets me get roughly where I want to be so setting up my final bet amount goes a little quicker. "

How-to: 'Options' > 'Bet Slider Options'

3. Randy 'nanonoko' Lew--Single-click Table Activation

"If I'm playing more than one table, this lets me click the action buttons on one table and immediately click the action buttons on the next table without that window needing focus. If you've experienced what feels like needing to double click a button to take an action, this will fix it. "

How-to: 'Options' > 'Advanced Multi-Table Options' > 'Single click table activation'

4. Tyler 'frosty012' Frost--Hotkey Settings

"Hotkeys make it easy to setup your keyboard and play from it. For example, you can use F1 for fold, F2 for check/call, and F3 for bet/raise. "

How-to: 'Options' > 'Hotkey Settings'