SCOOPing a $100,000 with Andre Coimbra

As a full-time satellite player, the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) was my favourite series of the year! Everyone wanted to play the biggest events and satellites would be full of inexperienced players, making those games awesome!

This year I'm not a satellite player, but I'm just as excited as I used to be, maybe even more, because it will be a unique chance to leapfrog my challenge. In case you don't know which challenge I'm talking about (I've been known to do a few), I'm trying to turn $100 into $100,000 playing only multi-table tournaments.

Setting the $100 to $100k challenge

At the time of writing, I have $18K in my account (thanks to a large bump) and I've been studying mostly 9-max NL Hold'em. I play the Big $109, the Sunday Kickoff and pretty much all the special events with buy-ins of up to $55.

So... what events am I planning to play during the SCOOP?

Event #, Date, Time, Event, Guarantee
01-L, 12-May, 11:00, $27 NL Hold'em (6-Max), $300,000
02-L, 12-May, 14:30, $27 NL Hold'em, $400,000
02-M, 12-May, 14:30, $215 NL Hold'em, $1,000,000
03-L, 13-May, 11:00, $5.50 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Action Hour, Rebuys), $200,000
03-M, 13-May, 11:00, $55 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Action Hour, Rebuys), $300,000
05-L, 13-May, 17:00, $11 NL Hold'em (Rebuys, Turbo), $250,000
05-M, 13-May, 17:00, $109 NL Hold'em (Rebuys, Turbo), $500,000
10-L, 15-May, 14:00, $27 NL Hold'em (Super-Knockout), $200,000
10-M, 15-May, 14:00, $215 NL Hold'em (Super-Knockout), $400,000
14-L, 16-May, 17:00, $11 NL Hold'em (Big Antes, Rebuys), $150,000
14-M, 16-May, 17:00, $109 NL Hold'em (Big Antes, Rebuys), $250,000
21-L, 19-May, 11:00, $27 NL Hold'em, $300,000
21-M, 19-May, 11:00, $215 NL Hold'em, $600,000
22-L, 19-May, 14:30, $27 NL Hold'em, $400,000
22-M, 19-May, 14:30, $215 NL Hold'em, $1,000,000
31-L, 22-May, 14:00, $27 NL Hold'em (Knockout), $250,000
31-M, 22-May, 14:00, $265 NL Hold'em (Knockout), $500,000
35-L, 23-May, 17:00, $27 NL Hold'em (2x Chance, Turbo), $250,000
35-M, 23-May, 17:00, $215 NL Hold'em (2x Chance, Turbo), $400,000
36-L, 24-May, 11:00, $27 NL Hold'em (1R1A), $250,000
36-M, 24-May, 11:00, $215 NL Hold'em (1R1A), $350,000
42-L, 26-May, 11:00, $27 NL Hold'em (8-Max), $300,000
42-M, 26-May, 11:00, $215 NL Hold'em (8-Max), $600,000
43-L, 26-May, 14:30, $109 Main Event - L, $1,000,000
44-L, 26-May, 17:00, $11 SCOOP Wrap-Up - L (3x Chance, Turbo), $100,000
44-M, 26-May, 17:00, $109 SCOOP Wrap-Up - M (3x Chance, Turbo), $250,000

That's a total of 26 events and only NL Hold'em!

The tournaments in red are the ones that I wouldn't play if they were part of the regular schedule, but since they are SCOOP events I will take a shot.

Why change my normal bankroll rules?
I'm doing this because I think that PokerStars makes a great job promoting these tournaments and runs many satellites and promotions allowing a lot of players that usually don't play MTTs of certain buy-ins to play these events, so they have a much better bad/good player ratio than a regular tournament.


All you need is a chip and chair

Regarding the rebuys, I'm planning to not double rebuy on the red events, because I think that it gets too expensive for my bankroll and it's more profitable to play with fewer chips than the other players. I will make a single rebuy every time I lose though, since I think that in soft 9-max tournaments I'm profitable with any kind of stack.

Any time the amount of chips of the add-on is bigger than the amount of chips I get from the buy-in, I will make the add-on and make sure I survive until the add-on, because I get value just from taking it. I think that giving up before these juicy add-ons is one of the biggest mistakes rookies make and you can see often at the lowest stakes tournaments that half of the players have already given up on the prize pool by the add-on time!

I think that there is good value on the satellites for these events, but I won't play them since at this point learning is more important and I improve faster playing non-satellite tournaments.
That said, I think that if there is an event you can't afford, but you would like to play, it might be worth to take a shot or play a satellite, since these events have great structures and many inexperienced players!

I will spend $3,000-$4,000 in these events, which might be as high as 20%-25% of my bankroll, but I think that in the long run I will be profitable in the events I chose. SCOOP is a unique opportunity in the timeline of my $100,000 challenge and even if I just bust every event I will still have most of my bankroll come the end of the series and retain the ability to play mid-stakes.

What is your plan for the SCOOP?
Give some thought to what you want to achieve in SCOOP. Make a plan and stick to it. You can find the schedule here.

See you at the tables!

Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra is a member of PokerStars Team Online.